Kate Gosselin Posts Summer Vacation Photo Of 5 Of Her Sextuplets And Immediately Gets Bashed

Kate Gosselin is enjoying the final days of summer with her kids, but some of her social media followers are blasting her for not including all of her sextuplets in the fun.

The Kate Plus 8 star posted a new Instagram photo of five of her sextuplets in a swimming pool. The kids, two boys and three girls presumed to be Alexis, Leah, Hannah, Aaden, and Joel Gosselin, are underwater in the shot, but their legs can be seen as they hang from the side of the pool in a matching pose. Kate Gosselin captioned the photo with the hashtags #SillyKids #LoveThem #SummerVacay.

While it’s a sweet summertime snap, it seems the TLC star can’t do anything without getting slammed by her critics. The photo is loaded with comments questioning why Collin Gosselin is not included in it.

“Soooo, Collin doesn’t even get to spend the summer with his siblings??” one follower asked.

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