Kristen Stewart Is Not Trying To Date Cate Blanchett [Debunked]

Cate Blanchett and Kristen Stewart attend the Cannes Film Festival.

Turns out, Kristen Stewart and Kate Blanchett are nothing more than just friends.

According to a report from Gossip Cop, OK! Magazine fabricated a story about Kristen Stewart having feelings for Cate Blanchett. The publication fabricated a story on the two women, creating a fake love connection between the ladies, saying “Kristen Crushing On Cate.” A less-than-trustworthy source told Ok! that Kristen has been “infatuated” for the 49-year-old for years and that she “wilts over her looks.”

But, Gossip Cop has gotten to the bottom of the rumors and is calling them totally false. According to the magazine, Blanchett is very happy in her marriage to Andrew Upton. The couple has been married for 21 years and they also share four children together. That’s another reason that it seems very unlikely that Stewart would want to break up Cate’s marriage and family.

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