Nigel Farage reveals what will happen if May loses key vote – 'There will be a CRISIS'

Nigel Farage reveals what will happen if May loses key vote – 'There will be a CRISIS'

Speaking on his LBC show, the former Ukip leader argued Theresa May will lose her battle in Parliament on December 11 by about 100 votes. Mr Farage went on to predict the Prime Minister will attempt to go back to Brussels to win further concessions from the EU, only to come back and lose a second time in the House of Commons.

The second loss, Mr Farage claimed, will cause a political crisis that will push MPs to agree to an extension of Article 50 postponing the official Brexit date by one year.

He added the move would then inevitably trigger a call for a second Brexit referendum.

He said: “I think she will lose by a 100 or so, she will go back to Brussels, there will be a minor concession.

“She will still lose, there will be a crisis and Parliament will agree to delay the date we leave the European Union by another year.

“I feel – and I hope I’m really really badly wrong – but I feel a second referendum is getting closer.”

Parliament will be “gridlocked” no matter what the Brexit deal, former Cabinet minister Justine Greening warned as she urged the Government to “ask the people” to break the impasse.

The Tory former education secretary told MPs a referendum could be held in the next 22 weeks as she derided Theresa May’s current plan.

Ms Greening said the deal negotiated by the Prime Minister was the equivalent of asking someone to “jump out of a plane without knowing if your parachute is there and attached”.

She said: “If this was anything else comparable, for example, a big infrastructure project, we’d have a national policy statement that might be a thousand pages of detail for the House to consider.

“Here we’ve got just 26 pages, a proposed deal on leaving the European Union is perhaps the ultimate national policy statement, yet we’ve virtually nothing, it’s the political equivalent of being asked to jump out of a plane without knowing if your parachute is there and attached, it’s like agreeing to move out of your house without knowing where your going to live next or not even having agreed the sales price but selling out and signing a contract anyway.

“None of us would do this in our own lives, yet this Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration asks us to do it on behalf of our country.”

She added: “This Brexit deal is not the Brexit that Leave campaigners campaigned for, and it is not the Brexit that Leave voters voted for, it is not delivering on the result of the 2016 referendum.

“Leavers in my own community reject it. Remainers reject it, they’re left thinking what’s the point if Leavers are not happy with the outcome of the referendum were they won. What is the point of leaving to simply have all the same EU rules anyway.”

Ms Greening ended by telling the Commons that we “can do a referendum in 22 weeks”, she said: “A referendum is one of the ways that we could enable millions of Leave voters who don’t think that this Government is delivering on the verdict of that referendum a chance to have their say properly in a way that they don’t think is happening in this Parliament and we now have some clear cut practical choices and we should put those on the table.”

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