Sky TV customers may soon see this radical upgrade coming to their set top box

Sky TV customers may soon see this radical upgrade coming to their set top box

Q is the satellite TV firm’s premium set-top box that offers a huge swathe of improvements over the older generation Sky+ device.

The Q service was first announced back in 2016 and includes features such as recording six shows at once and watching content in full 4K Ultra HD definition.

Another popular extra that arrived after the initial launch is voice search.

This option allows users to find channels and launch apps simply by speaking into the new Sky Q remote.

Voice search is already a popular addition with Sky boasting that 10 million requests are made each month and it seems things could soon get even better for Q users.

Sky recently teased improvements to this feature with an advert showing a woman searching for her remote – the tagline reads “You can’t lose your voice under the sofa.”

That campaign suggested the firm could attempt to go remote free in the future and now it seems we may have a hint of what’s to come via comments made by Sky CEO Jeremy Darroch and spotted by T3.

Sky was recently acquired by US firm Comcast is a deal worth some £30 billion and during a recent investors call Darroch revealed his passion to feature improved voice search saying: “We really like the Comcast voice platform, and we’re going to be incorporating that for Sky Q, and we’ll consolidate that and use the technology there”.

So what’s so good about this tech?

In the US Comcast has its Xfinity X1 set-top box which is similar to Sky Q.

However, its voice capabilities are far better than what Sky currently offers its customers with users across the Atlantic able to perform tasks such recording shows, checking when programmes are on TV and even ask to watch certain sporting events with the channel instantly changing to reveal the game.

There’s even the ability to ask what music or song is playing on the TV with the answer appearing on the screen.

If Sky can add these extras to the Q box it will make voice search infinitely more useful. 

Speaking about the future of Sky Q’s service Darrach added: “I think by combining what we’re all good at means we’re going to be better for customers. I think we’ll be able to innovate faster. “We’ll be able to develop better content.

“We’re only 15 weeks in, but encouragingly, I think we’re starting to see some really important, tangible evidence of working together as part of the broader group.”

Published at Sun, 10 Feb 2019 07:01:00 +0000

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