WATCH: Plane passengers can't believe it when they see woman's VERY odd activity

WATCH: Plane passengers can't believe it when they see woman's VERY odd activity

Flights are rarely comfortable for the majority of passengers, but one girl took the meaning of contorting oneself to get cosy to a whole new level. A shocking viral video has captured a young girl performing a series of alarming moves in her plane seat. The clip was shared by Instagram account passengershaming and has attracted nearly 210,000 views. The amazing footage shows the girl bending herself in half as she moves around her seat.

The impossibly bendy girl – named Stefanie Millinger – starts off standing on her seat with her torso bent so far back her chest is pressed against the back of the seat.

Stefanie shows no pain or struggle with the position as she grins at the camera.

She then proceeds to slide the upper half of her body through her legs – which remain upright throughout.

Next, she lies her chest along the seat with her legs folded behind her back in an incredible feat of contortion.

Stefanie then reaches for her seat belt and fastens it up across her back and she continues to lie in the seat.

Once it’s done up, the girl holds onto her ankles and looks through her legs and smiles at the camera.

Unsurprisingly, Stefanie has been revealed to be a gymnast. Her own Instagram account is filled with her bending herself into weird and wonderful positions.

Passengershaming shared the impressive clip in a vid to encourage fliers to wear their seatbelt.

It was captioned: “Wear your gd seatbelt on the plane! If this lovely girl can manoeuvre her body into one, I think you can too. We don’t want you injured, folks. The crew is your friend” (sic).

Some Instagram users were impressed with Stefanie’s moves but others found her extreme flexibility disturbing.

“She is amazing!!!” one person wrote. Another added: “I’m impressed.”

But a third commented on the video: “I broke my back just by watching this.”

Some people saw the funny side: “Quickly! Erase this before you inspire the carriers to reduce legroom even more!” one Instagram user quipped.

This is far from the first time passengers have been astounded by what they’ve witnessed on a flight.

One alarming snap shows a man who definitely didn’t care about travel etiquette. He was pictured lying back along a row of seats with his legs up in the air against the side of the plane. To make matters even worse, his legs were splayed wide apart in a most unseemly position.

Instagram users have come together on the social media platform to share their thoughts on the lewd move.

“Such disrespect for everyone in the cabin,” one person posted. “I just cannot believe these kinds of people really exist,” another commented.

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