4p kitchen staple to clean your ‘entire’ washing machine – ‘trick’ works after ‘5 minutes’

4p kitchen staple to clean your ‘entire’ washing machine – ‘trick’ works after ‘5 minutes’

Knowing how to a washing machine is one of those cleaning hacks you may not consider until a foul smell is coming from the . A washing machine can be a breeding ground of germs and , even when its job is to do the opposite. Washing machine works hard to keep your household in order. Everyday items, from sweaty clothes to bed sheets to seemingly endless towels, can lead to a less than clean washing machine if you don’t maintain it.

Posting on Cleaning Tips Facebook page, one woman shared an easy way households can clean their washing machine for “sparkling” results.

Grace Haynes wrote: “So I’ve been seeing the trick about putting dishwasher tablets through your washing machine to clean the entire washer out, well I’ve just tried it.

“Just five minutes in and the water was already brown. Safe to say it works. My washing machine is now sparkling.”

The post was flooded with comments from fellow cleaning enthusiasts sharing their experience of following this “trick”.

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Jackie Monchton said: “I have just done this with a dishwasher tablet on a hot wash. Put in all my old rags in as I don’t like an empty machine, and it worked a treat. Smells fresh.”

Kaytee Lou replied: “I’ve done this today too, it’s amazing. I knew my washer needed a good clean, but I was surprised how yukky it was. Great tip.”

Amy Brice commented: “I tried this last night and you can tell the difference straight away! Smells amazing and super shiny! Definitely be doing this more often.”

Jenny Routlety noted: “I use dishwasher tablets all the time to clean my washing machine, especially after washing the dog’s bedding in it. I usually use one or two on a hot wash and I only use the Lidl dishwasher tablets.”

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Marcella Tracy added: “My washing machine drum is gleaming after using a dishwasher tablet. Great idea.” 

Dishwasher tablets are equally efficient at getting rid of residue and smells from the inside of washing machines as they are to clean filthy dishes.

To use them to clean your washing machine once every three to six months, add a dishwasher tablet into an empty washing machine. 

Place the tablet directly into the drum, and then add more water through the detergent compartment (with the door closed) until the level just exceeds the height of the lower edge of the hatch. 

You can alternatively use dishwashing powder or first dissolve the tablets in warm water before adding them.

After just set your machine to a temperature of 90 degrees, or the highest it’ll go to, and run the machine cycle.

A pack of 30 dishwasher tablets can be picked up from Asda for £1.34. This works out as 4p per tablet.

This cleaning product can also be picked up from other major supermarkets, such as Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

Published at Mon, 06 Feb 2023 00:01:00 +0000