A Place in the Sun: Laura Hamilton vents fury as buyer refuses to buy home ‘Not been easy’

A Place in the Sun: Laura Hamilton vents fury as buyer refuses to buy home ‘Not been easy’

Sharon and best pal Christiana headed out to Spain with Laura in the hopes of securing an ideal holiday home within a £50,000 budget. A Place in the Sun’s Laura knew this was going to be a tough ask from the get-go but still managed to present a number of one-bed and two-bed properties for Sharon to ponder over. However, the property expert thought she’d done enough as one contender left Laura convinced Sharon was going to put an offer forward – only for the Channel 4 guest to backtrack when they reconvened after the house hunt.

With so many boxes to tick, from picturesque views to a pool, Laura had a tough task on her hands with a relatively low budget.

Nevertheless, the A Place in the Sun host did what she does best and at least one of the properties she had shown was secured as a contender in Sharon’s eyes.

So when Laura met with Sharon and friend Christiana to discover there wasn’t going to be an offer put forward, the property expert made no secret of her opinions on the matter.

Sharon revealed she wasn’t going to put forward an offer on any of the properties show, telling Laura: “I spoke to Christiana’s husband and my partner last night, and I’ve come back a few steps.

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Defending her stance, however, Sharon assured Laura it was only going to be “a few days” but Laura failed to back down.

“A few days? A few hours can change everything. You could lose out!”

Sharon then stood firm: “It’s a big decision to make. I’m paying this cash so I just feel like I need a few days just to do a bit more research.”

Laura took a deep breath and regained her composure, clearly displeased with Sharon’s verdict.

“It hasn’t been an easy search,” Laura admitted. “We found something that surprised you in an amazing location so close to the beach…”

Christiana then jumped in to stand by her friend as Laura eventually conceded Sharon wasn’t going to part with her cash.

After wishing them all the best, the trio went their separate way and Laura informed Channel 4 viewers that Sharon hadn’t managed to secure herself her dream home off-screen.

A Place in the Sun continues weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

Published at Sat, 05 Dec 2020 09:01:00 +0000