‘Absolutely pathetic’ MEP compares VDL’s ‘farcical’ presidency to Iraqi dictatorship

‘Absolutely pathetic’ MEP compares VDL’s ‘farcical’ presidency to Iraqi dictatorship

The European Commission President was blasted by Danish MEP Peter Kofod over her “pathetic” attempts to gloat the bloc’s vaccination strategy despite severe delays in the procurement of jabs. Mr Kofod said Mr von der Leyen looked like the deluded Iraqi military ahead of their collapse. He said: “There are good and bad news to talk about today. The good news is that developments have been developed and we can fight coronavirus in freedom.

“The bad news is that in the EU they’re responsible for the purchase of vaccines that we need so badly.

“Whereas people getting vaccinated in the UK, the US and Israel, we are just threading water.

“I think the entire EU system over the past few years has humiliated the Brits and the Americans but now we need to have some self-criticism.

“We should have been part of that effort. The EU’s role in this matter is absolutely pathetic.

“I think a lot of us in this house can see almost the comical and facial efforts of the Iraqi information minister who talked about how strong and victorious the Iraqi military was but it was in a state of total collapse.

“When it comes to the vaccine strategy, I think the Commission President more or less reminds me of this farcical case.

“They have in common this collapse. The EU is standing still, but the EU has far few vaccines and we acted far too late.

“More people got sick and died. And we have unnecessary restrictions and lockdowns throughout the continent.

“The day we started the vaccinations we could hear from the President of the Commission that the vaccinations were a symbol of solidarity and sticking together.

“And if the vaccination purchase was a success, I can hardly immagine what a disastrous situation would have looked like.”

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Published at Wed, 10 Feb 2021 10:39:19 +0000