‘Airline hack you didn’t think you needed’ saw passenger ‘immediately put in first class’

‘Airline hack you didn’t think you needed’ saw passenger ‘immediately put in first class’

A frequent flier shared an “airline hack” he discovered which has proved to have significant results for travellers, including one woman being bumped up to first class for free. The hack was originally shared on TikTok by The Flying Realtor, who urged other passengers to try it out and share their experience in the comments section of his video.

He explained: “I am about to give you an airline hack that you didn’t think you needed. So, if you have to be travelling in the next couple of weeks, months, days, whenever it may be, do yourself a favour.

“Go to Starbucks and grab a couple of gift cards worth about $5 (approximately £5) each or if you don’t want to spend that much grab a couple of bags of candy.

“The important thing is, if you grab candy, it has to be sealed. Now, when you go onto the plane, there are usually about three to four flight attendants on each flight. The first flight attendant you see, give those gift cards to or give that candy to and say: ‘Hey, this is for you guys, appreciate you being here’ and watch what happens. Now, this is very important if you are travelling with kids, do that too and watch what happens.”

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Giving the flight crew a little treat as a token of appreciation for their service is often recommended. In the comments section of the video, a flight attendant named Ali said: “As a fellow flight attendant I approve this message! If you bring me a surprise you are my favourite passenger on that flight!” [SIC]

A former flight attendant named Kat Kalami vowed the tip would ensure passengers get the “royal treatment”. In a video shared on the social media platform TikTok, Ms Kalami explained: “If you do this one simple thing on an aircraft I promise you, you will get the royal treatment from the flight attendants.”

According to Ms Kalami, the key to “special treatment” is by purchasing a £5 Starbucks gift card for your cabin crew. “It means the world to us when customers give us this,” she added.

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“If you don’t have gift cards you can just pick up candy bars, lip balm, anything and give them to your flight attendants.

“We will know where you’re sitting and we will know what you look like and the whole crew will make sure that you’re taken care of.”

And it turns out, the hack has actually worked for some passengers too. Posting in the comments section of The Travelling Realtor’s video, one TikTok user said: “My sister gave the British Airways crew Krispy Kreme doughnuts and was immediately put into First Class from Denver to London.”

Another added: “I’ve done this before and they’ll usually offer you free drinks the whole flight.”

Some passengers even noted having success with the hack before they had even boarded the plane. An anonymous TikTok user recounted: “I did this for the ticket agent at check-in. The lady didn’t charge me for my overnight bag. Then, when I was sitting at the gate when I received a text that I had been upgraded to business class.”

However, other passengers pointed out that the good gesture should not be used in order to obtain perks, and should really just be a thank you for the crew.

Cheri wrote: “I give the gift cards after the flight as I am leaving because I don’t want extra service. I want them to know I appreciate them no matter what.”

Unfortunately, the hack doesn’t always work for everyone. This might depend on where you are travelling or the airline you are flying with. One user said: “I did this on Emirates a few years ago and they were legitimately confused, and later forgot to bring me my meal. Never hurts to be kind though.”

Published at Sat, 28 Jan 2023 06:00:00 +0000