All Creatures Great And Small cast: Who is in the cast of All Creatures Great And Small?

All Creatures Great And Small cast: Who is in the cast of All Creatures Great And Small?

All Creatures Great and Small will arrive on Channel 5 on September 1 and fans are looking forward to the family show. The series is a new adaptation of the books written by famous Yorkshire vet, Alf Wight, who was better known as James Herriot. has everything you need to know about who is in the cast of All Creatures Great and Small.

Who is in the cast of All Creatures Great And Small?

James Herriot – Nicholas Ralph

The character James Herriot was inspired by the real-life vet, Alf Wight, whose pen name was James Herriot.

The series follows his story as he moved from Glasgow to the Yorkshire Dales, desperate to land a job at a veterinary practice.

Herriot is not afraid to get his hands dirty and he is always keen to help out on any job.

However he does have his insecurities and it takes him a while to open up to the skeptical Yorkshire Dales residents.

Herriot is played by newcomer Nicholas Ralph, and this is his first TV role.

He said: “It is a pretty huge opportunity. I knew it would be a non-stop learning process and I would have to take it step by step and learn as we went as it’s my first time being on set and certainly the first lead role in a TV series and for it to be this one is really incredible.

“The more I researched and discovered about the world of James Herriot, which is absolutely massive, and is still thriving today… it was pure excitement.”

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Siegfried Farnon – Samuel West

Siegfried Farnon is based on the real life veterinary practice owner Donald Sinclair, who took Herriot on as an assistant.

He is full of good humour but is equally as infuriating, and is often the main source of conflict.

He almost refuses to give Herriot a chance, but quickly opens up to him and the pair work well together.

Farnon is one of the most eccentric characters in the series and he brings plenty of laughs.

Farnon is played by Samuel West, an actor and director who has previously starred in Mr Selfridge, Rupert’s Land and Howard’s End.

He said: “The trouble is that Siegfried is quite resistant to the idea of having an assistant at all.

“He clearly likes and sees someone who is knowledgeable. One of the things that is great is having an assistant who keeps you up to the mark and does things that you wouldn’t do and you are ready to get cross and then he tells you you’re insufferable and you think ‘good for you for saying that, I like your style and grit’.”

Mrs Hall – Anna Madeley

Mrs Hall is the housekeeper at Skeldale House, where the practice is based, and she is integral to the business.

She spends her days making sure the men have all that they need, but she cares for them all like they are part of her own family.

She is selfless and will often put their needs before her own, and she is always there as a listening ear.

Mrs Hall is played by Anna Madeley, an English actress who is well-known on the BBC and Channel 4.

She starred in Deadwater Fell, The Royal and Utopia, as well as Mr Selfridge.

Madeley said: “She has a sense of mischief about her not to stick entirely to the rules, in order to achieve what she thinks is fair, whilst at the same time she runs a steady ship.

“In this adaptation, where we’ve got a lot of psychological depth to these characters, she can see who needs what or who’s in trouble or who’s up to something, so she’s at the heart of that community.”

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Helen Alderson – Rachel Shenton

Helen Alderson is a Dales farmer who attracts the attention of Herriot when he first arrives.

Like him, she is not afraid to throw herself into the trickiest of situations and she proves to be very inependent.

She is unlike any other woman she has met as she is used to the harsh realities of farming life.

Of course she has her softer side and this shows through her love of animals.

The character is played by Rachel Shenton, who is best known for her role in Hollyoaks, The Silent Child and Switched at Birth.

She said: “[Helen] doesn’t sit around waiting for something to happen, she just goes out and does it and that is something that is indicative of our generation and in that respect she is quite a forward thinking person. There is no one else to do it so she just gets on with it herself.”

Tristan Farnon – Callum Woodhouse

Tristan Farnon is a trainee vet and the younger brother of Siegfried, who considers him a pain.

Unlike his brother, he is not easily motivated when it comes to his work and this frustrates Siegfried, who only wants the best for him.

He often finds himself in trouble because of his carelessness, but he welcomes Herriot with open arms.

His character is played by Callum Woodhouse, an actor who played Leslie Durrell in ITV’s The Durrells. He has also started in Cold Feet.

He said: “It has been so much fun to play a role like Tristan because it meant having to get into the right mood to play him, which was upbeat and happy.

“So no matter how I felt when I came in that day, I would be leaving set in the best mood, having stepped into Tristan’s shoes because he is a buoyant and cheerful character.”

Also in the cast is Matthew Lewis as Helen’s boyfriend Hugh Hulton, and Dame Diana Rigg as regular client Mrs Pumphrey.

All Creatures Great and Small airs on Channel 5 on September 1 at 9pm

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