All Creatures Great and Small’s James Herriot sparks uproar with confession ‘Had no idea’

All Creatures Great and Small’s James Herriot sparks uproar with confession ‘Had no idea’

Channel Five’s All Creatures Great and Small has finally made its highly anticipated return and is well underway with four episodes available so far. However, a sneak peek reveals James Herriot (played by Nicholas Ralph) will spark an uproar amongst his co-workers in the upcoming episodes.

Ahead of the release of episode five, network channel five released a clip teasing the fate of viewers favourite characters and it appears James will make a surprising confession.

After relocating from Glasgow to the Yorkshire Dales for a job at Siegfried Farnon’s (Samuel West) veterinary clinic in season one, James is still adapting to the culture.

He faced some challenges settling in as the Darrowby locals and farmers didn’t trust him, but the Vet has since proved he knew how to get the job done.

However, in the upcoming episode, James will have to overcome yet another culture shock as he confesses his limited knowledge about cricket.

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In the clip, James was sitting at the table of the clinic reading a leaflet about cricket, while Seigfried lit his pipe and Tristan Farnon (Callum Woodhouse) helped Mrs Audrey (Anna Madeley) with the washing up.

There he revealed he didn’t know much about the sport: “I’m really not much of a cricketer, but I guess if it’s just a friendly match there’s not too much to worry about.”

This clearly sparked an uproar as Siegried, Tristan and Mrs Audrey stopped what they were doing and turned to him in shock.

“Friendly?” Siegfried remarked as he was about to educate the young vet on the importance of the sport in preparation for an upcoming game.

While Tristan explained: “Mrs Pumphrey holds it on her private ground,” as James quipped in disbelief, “sorry she has a cricket pitch?” 

“Ground, yes down by the orchard,” Tristan confirmed, “the old dear is completely cricket-mad.”

James’ lack of knowledge about the sport appeared to be a problem as Siegfried had to ask: “So, when you say you’re not much of a cricket fan,” James responded, “Football’s more my game.”

“But you have played?” the Veterinary manager inquired, “once or twice, probably just once,” the young vet answered.

“Oh dear,” Mrs Audrey said in despair, as she realised how hopeless he would be in the upcoming cricket match.

In a recent interview with Jeremy Vine, the actor Nicholas revealed the impending episode will also see the return of Hugh Halton (Matthew Lewis).

This is likely to create some tensions, as James’s love interest Helen Alderson (Rachel Shenton) called off her wedding with Hugh to be with the young vet.

Nicholas disclosed: “He gets a little bit jealous. And there’s a cricket match – one team is Hugh Hulton’s team and the other team is Darrowby 11.

“James, not being much of a cricketer, decides to step up to try and win back Helen’s affection. We will see how that goes,” he concluded.

All Creatures Great and Small season 2 continues Thursdays on Channel 5 at 9pm.

Published at Wed, 13 Oct 2021 23:31:39 +0000