All Creatures Great and Small’s Siegfried star ‘really cross’ over series omission

All Creatures Great and Small’s Siegfried star ‘really cross’ over series omission

Over the past series, Siegfried and James (played by Nicholas Ralph) have helped their neighbours and local farmers with all of their animal issues. From unruly cows and horses to cheeky puppies, the actors have had to deal with a range of co-stars but Siegfried star Samuel revealed one of his requests for the second series was rejected.

The actor explained his favourite type of animal is a rat and he had hoped for one to be included in the second run.

“I was promised a rat for series two, and it didn’t appear,” he told press including

“I was really cross. If we do have a third series, please please Ben write me a rat, that’s my favourite.”

Nicholas however has been pleased with the animal co-stars he’s been paired with remarked Bobbi, the puppy who plays Scruff was his favourite.

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While Samuel is keen for a rat storyline, Helen Alderson star Rachel Shenton revealed just how troublesome Bobbi could be.

“She joined the cast at the start of season two and she was only nine months old,” the Oscar-winning actress explained.

“So quite lively and didn’t always do what she was told.

“Quite often my pockets were filled with little bits of bacon and sausage as shameless bribery to get her to do what we want but she is absolutely adorable and just a joy to be around.”

Speaking of the changes to her character, she told press: “In the books she’s not there much, there’s like half a page where you first meet her.

“Then I think I’m right in saying the rest of the time you get a reference to her making a pie occasionally, there isn’t much to go on.

“[Ben] has taken the clues that are in there and made her into a character who fits into the background.”

Anna added: “It helps sheds light on the other characters, through her relationship with them.

Published at Sat, 09 Oct 2021 04:01:00 +0000