Ann Widdecombe silences Piers Morgan after interrupting on GMB ‘what are you doing?’

Ann Widdecombe silences Piers Morgan after interrupting on GMB ‘what are you doing?’

The pair clashed as Ann Widdecombe defended Boris Johnson’s latest update arguing people should use common sense when going to work by public transport. But as she was trying to make her point, ITV Good Morning Britain host kept interrupting the former Brexit Party MEP resulting in a furious clash. She shouted: “Piers, stop interrupting me!”


She said: “I understand them because I think the essence of it is to stay alert as opposed to stay at home and minimise the risks.

“So that when you’re out and about, and you really have a choice in the matter, you should and you must maintain social distance.

“And that to me is common sense. If however…”

At this point, Ms Widdecombe was interrupted by the ITV host, to whom she blasted: “Hang on! Hang on! No, Piers, stop interrupting while I’m trying to make a point.”

As Piers replied: “I’m not talking!”, she said: “What are you doing then?” He added: I’m talking now, I wasn’t when you were shouting at me!”

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The Brexit Party politician claimed the “healthy under 40 should get the economy going” as people were told on Sunday by the Prime Minister they should return to work where possible. 

She suggested people on packed tubes and buses could keep their head down to avoid contracting the virus. 

She continued: “What I was saying was that where you have no choice then you’ve just got to use as many precautions you can in that situation.

“We’ve expected that of key workers throughout this whole lockdown.

“We’ve expected it of key workers, now the rest of us have got a role to play.”

It comes as shocking photos have emerged on Thursday showing Londoners packed like sardines onto tubes and buses after Boris Johnson urged millions to head back to work.

Scores of commuters, many not wearing any face covering, were seen crowding onto platforms yesterday as the UK begins to emerge from nearly two months of lockdown.

Only 60 percent of Transport for London’s (TfL) tube services are in operation. Forty stations remain closed and the entire Circle Line is out of use.

TfL bosses have said they will return to a full service “as soon as possible”.

The authority has encouraged people to steer clear of public transport “wherever possible” and instead “reimagine” their commute by heading to work on foot or by bike.

The photos were taken in London on Tuesday and Wednesday and are in stark contrast to the situation on the Paris Metro and Berlin’s train system.

Parisians were handed free face masks as they arrived at stations and were offered a squirt of hand sanitiser.

Stickers clearly marking where people should and should not sit were placed on train seats.

And maintenance workers were seen cleaning hand rails in carriages which were not overcrowded.

Berlin’s BVG has been running a full service on all busses, tubes and ferries, with only limited restrictions.

Strict rules mean the health and safety of staff and passengers is taken seriously. Commuters must stay at least 1.5metres apart and cover their faces. 

Published at Thu, 14 May 2020 08:02:00 +0000