Apex Legends update issues: Season 5 bug and server issues on PS4 and Xbox

Apex Legends update issues: Season 5 bug and server issues on PS4 and Xbox

Gamers who have updated to Apex Legends Season 5 have reported issues with various parts of the game. And some of those who have tried to patch their games have found themselves stuck in the updating process. The good news is that Respawn has flagged a number of Apex Legends bugs already, meaning that the issues are being looked into. Server problems and Lobby issues have been reported on PS4, while some gamers are unable to complete the Season 5 update process.

The development team have also flagged a number of other problems being looked into, including unlocking the new character, Loba.

The most recent support messages from Respawn explains: “We are investigating an issue with Unlocked Legends not appearing, currency not appearing, and basic menu navigation. Please stay patient as we work to resolve this issue.

“We have identified an issue with textures showing up dark or black after today’s update, repairing the game files will correct the issue.

“Secondly there is a crash that involves high graphic settings on PC, lowering the settings will correct the issue as we investigate further.”

A hotfix has already been released but it’s likely that this only fixes a few of the problems already flagged by the Respawn team.

The cause of the frozen lobbies and character selection have not been identified yet but some gamers have their own ideas.

One Apex player writes: “I believe it has to do with the new feature the one that lets teammates rejoin after being disconnected.

“My teammates died and left instantly after that I was knocked and left crawling with no teammates to revive me.

“After I left that match I couldn’t select any of the purchased legends. The people that are making it worse are those who leave a match as soon as they’re knocked.”

The new reconnect feature went live today across all platforms but Respawn has not identified this as the problem.

This is the description shared by Respawn earlier today via the new Season 5 patch notes:

“Players that leave a match unexpectedly can now rejoin their match in progress. “Unexpected” means exiting the match through any means other than the system menu, including crashing, using alt+f4 on PC, or “dashboarding” to close the game on console.

“To reconnect, simply restart the game and enter the lobby. The game will automatically attempt to reconnect you if the match is still valid, your squad is still alive, and your chance to reconnect hasn’t timed out. Reconnect will be available for all competitive modes.

“Disconnected players’ characters remain in the state they were in while the player was connected. To their teammates, it will look a bit like the disconnected player has gone afk (with an icon next to their name to indicate disconnection).

“This means when the player reconnects, they can immediately continue where they left off. Unless, that is, they were killed beforehand. Player characters can be knocked out and eliminated while the player is disconnected. Disconnected players whose characters have died can be respawned normally, by taking their banner to a respawn beacon, before or after the player has reconnected.

“If a player doesn’t reconnect in time, the disconnected player’s character is removed as normal, and the game will treat their disconnect as an abandonment.

“There is a limited time window in which a player can reconnect and failing to do so in Ranked will result in a loss penalty. Loss forgiveness does not activate until a player is fully removed from the game, so don’t drop from a ranked match when your squadmates have a chance to reconnect.”

Published at Tue, 12 May 2020 20:49:00 +0000