Apex Legends update time: Early Season 5 patch notes for PS4 and Xbox One

Apex Legends update time: Early Season 5 patch notes for PS4 and Xbox One

Today will see the launch of a big Apex Legends Season 5 update across all platforms. And the good news is that we know when it will dropping on live servers on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The new season is called Apex Legends – Fortune’s Favor and it comes bundled with plenty of new content. One of the main attractions will be the new Legends character Loba, with deep links to some of the other characters on the roster.

“When Loba was eight, she looked on as simulacrum hitman Revenant killed her family,’ the official Apex Legends Season 5 description reads.

“Left with nothing, Loba survived by picking pockets. As her skills improved, Loba used every tool at her disposal to lift herself from the gutter.

“Everything changed when she broke into a supposedly impenetrable facility and got her hands on the Jump Drive tech stored inside. With her new teleportation bracelet, the most secure and unattainable items were within her reach. So was her dream of living the high life.

“Rumors spread across the Outlands: if you wanted something valuable -and well guarded- Loba’s who you go to.

“She was almost able to put her past behind her. But when Revenant joined the Games, her past catapulted into her future. Desperate to find a way to kill him, she sabotaged a facility full of Revenant bodies, bringing Skull Town and Thunderdome crashing down in the process.

“However, she learned it was just one of many such factories hidden across the Frontier.”


The Apex Legends Season 5 release date has been set for May 12, 2020, on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

And the Apex Season 5 release time has been confirmed for 6pm today, according to an earlier message from developers Respawn Entertainment.

The message from Respawn regarding the final event for Season 4, reads: “Saturday, May 9 @ 10:01 am PDT – Tuesday, May 12th @ 10am PDT (when Season 5 kicks off): Evo Armor only.”

Away from the new Apex Legends character Loba, we also know more about what new quests and items will be available during Season 5.


Season 5 introduces the first Quest to Apex Legends – a season-long search to find nine pieces of a mysterious artefact.

  • Collect daily Treasure Packs in competitive* matches of Apex Legends – max one per day – to unlock Rewards and new Hunts for the missing pieces.
  • Go on weekly Hunts into Kings Canyon at Night to retrieve pieces of the artifact. Brave the dangers solo or with your squad and make it back alive. While you can always join in on Hunts, you’ll only get the Rewards if you’ve unlocked the mission yourself.
  • Succeed in each hunt to earn more Rewards and unlock serial chapters that tell the Story of “The Broken Ghost”. What is this artifact, and why does everybody from the Apex Legends to Hammond Robotics want to get their hands on it?
  • Recover all nine pieces of the relic to unlock even more rewards, dive into the past, and uncover a secret that the Outlands might not be ready for.


Treasure Packs are a new lootable item that you can find in competitive matches of Apex Legends. Unlike other loot, these don’t go into your backpack. Instead, they’re collected immediately on pickup and you’ll get their contents when you return to the Lobby after your match.

The catch is that you can only collect one of these a day. If you come across another that day, ping it for your friends!

There are 45 packs to collect this season, and each one can contain Crafting Metals, BattlePass XP, Apex Packs, or the ability to play a new weekly Hunt for the next piece of the artifact.


To actually find and recover each missing piece of the relic, you’ll need to get your hands dirty in one of nine weekly Hunts.

These are quick and dangerous incursions into Kings Canyon at Night. You’ll get dropped off, make your way to a target location, recover the piece you’re looking for, and rush to catch your ride home.

But it might not be so easy. Dangerous prowlers (those sweet puppies that you’ve already met in Bloodhound’s Trials) threaten to cut your trip short, and you’ll need to be on your toes and use any tricks in your Legend’s arsenal to survive. There might even be a few ways to turn the darkness back on itself, if you’re lucky.

Complete each Hunt to earn your next piece of the artifact, an exclusive Weapon Charm, and a new chapter in the ongoing story of “The Broken Ghost”.

Published at Tue, 12 May 2020 03:42:00 +0000