Are passengers banned from cruise ships if they can’t swim? Is this mandatory for travel?

Are passengers banned from cruise ships if they can’t swim? Is this mandatory for travel?

What is the rules on cruise ship passengers being able to swim?

Currently, there are no rules on passengers being banned from cruise ships.

Yet they might be restricted from taking a dip in the on-board pool, for fear of their lack of swimming skills.

All cruise liners are equipped with lifeboats and life jackets in case of an incident at sea, so weak swimmers can rest assured of their safety.

Are there any other regulations about swimming on board?

The regulations depend on the individual cruise ship firm, and passengers are advised to check with their individual company.

Yet there are some rules on passengers swimming in the on-board pools, based on their age limits.

Royal Caribbean requires guests to be 16 years or older before swimming in the ship’s solarium pool and jacuzzis.

Meanwhile, to swim in the Adventure Ocean pool, passengers must be between the ages of three and 17.

Are cases of cruise ship passengers going overboard common?

The Telegraph reports 327 cruise and ferry passengers and crew members have gone overboard since 2000, with 2015 recording the highest total when 27 people fell into the sea.

Generally, such instances tend to be down to suicide, drunkenness or foul play.

In December, a cruise ship entertainer from Royal Caribbean was reported missing after he fell overboard on Christmas Day, while working on the ship.

The search for him was abandoned two days later.

Is there an age limit for cruise ship passengers?

Every cruise line will have individual age restrictions and policies, so passengers are advised to check with their provider.

Yet most cruises do allow children on board, so families can travel together.

There is usually a minimum age requirement for a child to stay in a separate cabin, with the stipulation that at least one person in each cabin meets a minimum age requirement.

The lowest minimum age for all cruise line passengers in an individual cabin is 18.

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