Arsenal’s Coutinho problem, Man Utd identify Sancho alternative, Newcastle transfer blow

Arsenal’s Coutinho problem, Man Utd identify Sancho alternative, Newcastle transfer blow

Teddy Sheringham on Paul Pogba

Teddy Sheringham believes Paul Pogba should leave Manchester United.

“There’s been a lot of talk about him, when you mention top payers, captains, when things weren’t going right in our time, Roy Keane put things right,” Sheringham said on Sky Sports. “He would drive our team on. He would dig deep, he would make sure we had a say in every game we played in, because of his desire, and I think when you look at Paul Pogba, does he have the same mentality?

“Yes he might be a talented boy, but does he really dig deep, does he get Manchester United out of the mire when the going gets tough? For me the answers are no, he gives off the wrong vibe as a Manchester United player.

“Yes it’s good to be cocky and arrogant at the right times, I would say Dwight Yorke had that with a big smile on his face, cocky and arrogant, but he had a desire to do things right as well at the right times, and I think you’ve got to have that.

“And I don’t think Paul Pogba gives you that, and I think he would be one that would need to go so that you can get someone else in with the right mentality and the right desire. The Manchester United way to drive your team on to make sure you get out of the position you’re in to move the club forward.”

Harry Kane transfer advice

Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane’s career is at a “crossroad” – and Teddy Sheringham believes the Manchester United target needs to “make the most” of his time in football.

“There are similarities, but you have to look at Tottenham and where they were when I was playing for Tottenham,” he said in response to Jamie Carragher on Sky Sports’ The Football Show.

“I think the ambition had been sucked out of the club when I was at Tottenham, they weren’t really going places. At least with Tottenham they’re getting into the top four, they’re challenging for things, in the Champions League final not so long ago.

“He’s got to weigh up his situation, does he want to leave? Is there going to be top players coming to Tottenham to play with him, or is he going to have to go elsewhere to play with top players?

“At the moment I would say his career at Tottenham, I know they haven’t won anything, but the career has been steadily going forward, but I think it might be at a crossroad.

“And if not this year, if they haven’t won anything or look like they’re going forwards in the next season, I think there could be changes, because Harry’s only got one career and he wants to win things, so we’ll see what happens.

“My advice would be you only get one career Harry, make sure you make the most of it.”

Newcastle dealt Ross Barkley transfer blow

Newcastle United are unlikely to sign Ross Barkley because the Chelsea playmaker is eager to remain at Stamford Bridge, according to Football Insider.

Rafa Benitez is reportedly eager to return to St James’ Park if the impending takeover is approved and has targeted moves for Barkley and John Stones.

The Chelsea midfielder is happy playing for Frank Lampard, however, and believes he was establishing himself as a key man.

He reportedly wants to prove his ability for a Champions League club and believes the Blues can match his ambitions.

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