Avengers Endgame: THAT Thor change addressed by Chris Hemsworth – ‘It’s unexpected’

Avengers Endgame: THAT Thor change addressed by Chris Hemsworth – ‘It’s unexpected’

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Avengers: Endgame.

The Marvel movie sees the Avengers tracking down Thanos – only to discover he has destroyed the Infinity Stones.

So after Thor kills him, the team return to Earth – and five years pass.

In that time, Thor has hit something of a rut in the little town of New Asgard; most notably having put on weight and lost his famous God of Thunder physique.

His hair has also re-grown and is very unkempt, and he has taken to excessively drinking beer and playing videogames.

Speaking to The Cutaway before the film’s release, it’s clear that Hemsworth is alluding to this surprise change when he’s asked about how Thor’s character is progressed in Endgame.

“There’s definitely more improvisation in this compared to the previous one,” he mused. “The stakes were as high as they could be.

“But we found a great way to have another version or another… more growth [laughs] in the character. And something unexpected again.

“That was so much fun, and I’m very grateful that it happened this way.

“We finish strong as opposed to the other way around.”

The so-called “Fat Thor” twist has proved divisive among fans, with many criticising the film-makers for resorting to jokes about Thor’s weight gain for easy laughs.

But amidst the criticism, others have praised the fact that there is no “training montage” in which Thor gets his previous physique back – and that he goes on his character arc in Endgame without needing to lose the weight.

Published at Wed, 01 May 2019 00:00:00 +0000