Baby Archie title shock: How Meghan Markle and Harry’s son to be next Duke of Sussex

Baby Archie title shock: How Meghan Markle and Harry’s son to be next Duke of Sussex

Meghan Markle, 38, and Prince Harry, 35, have settled in Los Angeles with their son Archie Harrison since stepping down as working royals at the end of March. Meghan and Harry refused to give their one-year-old son an official title following his birth on May 6, 2019, and it is understood they plan to raise him as a private citizen. While Archie is likely to grow up across the Atlantic from his royal relatives he is still set to inherit a royal title from his father Prince Harry.

Prince Harry is Queen Elizabeth II’s grandson and sixth in line to the throne, despite his step away from the royal bubble Harry has kept his place in the line of succession as well as his HRH title.

In keeping with royal custom, the Queen gave Harry a dukedom on his wedding day and he and Meghan became the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

While the couple have not lost their HRH titles since ceasing to be working royals, it was agreed with the Queen they would not use them going forward.

The laws around hereditary peerages mean that despite his parents’ apparent wish to distance Archie from the trappings of royal life, he is still likely to inherit his father’s Duke of Sussex title following Prince Harry’s death.

He added: “They place more importance on what they see as independence than on the trappings of royalty.”

Following their royal withdrawal, Meghan and Harry have entered a trial period in which they will seek to become financially independent from the Crown.

The terms of their royal exit agreement will be reviewed by the Queen in one year’s time but from Spring 2020 they are no longer expected to use the word ‘royal’ in conjunction with their work nor go by their HRH titles.

Mr Fitzwilliams added: “At present, at least until the arrangement with the Queen is reassessed next year, they can keep their titles but cannot use them, which is not what they originally wanted as stepping back as a working royal meant stepping down.

“However, their brand undoubtedly has worldwide appeal.”


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Mr Fitzwilliams explained whether or not Archie chooses to use the title remains to be seen.

He added: “Will he use this title? His parents are known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and he is seventh in the line of succession to the throne.

“When Prince Charles becomes king he will, under the current rules, become a Prince and also have the option of using HRH though it seems highly unlikely he would want it or use it.

“As for being Duke of Sussex, however, they may discourage the use of a title for Archie when young, the day will come when that choice will be his.”

Published at Thu, 28 May 2020 17:46:00 +0000