Back to the Future part II theory: 2015 Jennifer is CHEATING on Marty McFly

Back to the Future part II theory: 2015 Jennifer is CHEATING on Marty McFly

In the first act of Back of the Future Part II, 1985 Marty and Jennifer travel forward into time to the futuristic 2015 in Doc Brown’s DeLorean time machine. There they discover middle-aged versions of themselves and how Marty was never the same after an accident he had – one that is avoided at the end of Back to the Future Part III back in 1985. But now a popular new fan theory claims that 2015 Jennifer is secretly cheating on her under-achieving husband.

Reddit user DrLee_PHD said: “Every time I watch the BTTF trilogy, I find something new.

“And this time I noticed something I can’t believe I hadn’t before: I believe that the Jennifer of 2015 is cheating on the Marty of 2015 in Part II.

“The film reveals that Marty ends up making a mistake in his youth that drastically affects his future: a car accident he’s responsible for causes a chain reaction that drastically effects his life.

“He loses his ability to perform on his guitar, which causes him to lose his ambition of becoming a rock star.”

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The theorist wrote: “He’s also financially affected by this event, though Jennifer decides not to leave his side during all of this.

“We learn about these events from 1985 Jennifer’s storyline when she first wakes up inside her future home.

“She realises the house is in a dangerous neighbourhood, that [she] and Marty had to resort to being married in the Chapel-O-Love (with Marty not even able to afford a suit).

“And that his temper caused the accident to occur in the first place (hearing this after she eavesdrops on Marty’s parents recounting the story to her future daughter.)”

The theorist added: “Now, there’s a pivotal scene in the McFly’s 2015 kitchen that cements this theory for me.

“Marty’s mom asks ‘why isn’t (Jennifer) home yet?’ Marty then replies ‘I don’t know where Jennifer is, Mom. She should have been home hours ago. But I’ve been having trouble keeping track of her these days.’

“Lorraine then asks Marty if [he] and Jennifer are getting along, and he replies that they’re great and like a ‘couple of teenagers.’

“I believe Marty is either in denial or really naive and that the Jennifer of 2015 is consistently late because she is seeing someone on the side to make her happy.”

And concluded: “I do admit there isn’t a lot of evidence to prove she is cheating on Marty, but she may be doing something behind the family’s back to make her happy and forget her current situation.”

Of course, with the accident never happening in 1985 – and the 2015 fax which said older Marty was fired being erased – hopefully, their sad future never occurred.

After all, in the final scene of Back to the Future Part III, Doc and Clara appear in their time train with sons Jules and Verne when young Jennifer asks why the 2015 fax erased.

Doc tells her that they can make their future whatever they want it to be, “so make it a good one!”

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