Battlefield 5 update time revealed with PS4 and Xbox One patch notes

Battlefield 5 update time revealed with PS4 and Xbox One patch notes

DICE has confirmed the release date and time for the next Battlefield 5 update, which is scheduled to land on PS4, Xbox One and PC on the same day. Chapter 6: Into the Jungle is receiving its second patch this week, with each platform getting a separate launch time. The dev team has also revealed that the new BF5 patch will be available download on Thursday, March 5, 2020.

The new Battlefield 5 update is focused on weapon rebalancing for much of the game, although other features are being promised.

This includes Tank Customisation, map improvements and other important fixes for the base game.

A message from the DICE team explains: “Our big focus for Update 6.2 targets a revision of our existing weapon balancing, returning the base time to kill values of most weapons back to the experience found at the start of Chapter 5.

“At distance, we’ve improved the damage drop off to ensure that the pace remains satisfying, and modified our Recoil values to ensure that gun’s are both dangerous in combat, but harder to control.

“Alongside these changes, we’re also pleased to finally bring Tank Customisation to the game. Customise your Tanks with new Paint Jobs, Turret and Chassis dressings. You’ll find new items available for purchase in Your Company, using Company Coin.”


DICE has also confirmed the Battlefield 5 update time across PS4, Xbox One and PC.

PC gamers will get to download and install first, starting at 9am GMT, followed by PS4 players 10am, and Xbox One gamers at 11am.

This week’s Battlefield 5 update doesn’t appear to be packaged with any downtime, although this could change the closer we get to launch.

DICE has also provided a big Patch Notes list to accompany the new BF5 update, which can be found below:

What’s New?

  • New Weapon Balancing ensuring a higher damage output, and improved damage dropoff
  • Tank Customisation

Weapons and Gadgets

Update 6.2 returns the base damage at range values on most weapons, back to their previous standards used in 5.0. We will be maintaining a drop in ranged damage, but one that is smaller than has been used in both 5.2 and 5.2.2. Additionally, ranged damage is now based on a weapon’s class rather than it’s rate of fire. Overall you’ll find that Weapons do more damage up close, and that the experience engaging a player at range is more satisfying.

Assault Rifles and LMGs will hit harder at range than SMGs with the equivalent rate of fire. Recoil and accuracy values have been adjusted to be consistent with the values used in 5.0. The only exception is the Type 2A, which has had a substantial increase in recoil to balance it within the the SMG class.

Bolt Action Rifles now have higher muzzle velocities across the board. These weapons are Battlefield’s longest range weapons, and are out performed by other weapons due to the bullet velocity. This adjustment will return Bolt Action Rifles to be the kings of long, and very long range combat.

We have also increased Type 11 muzzle velocity slightly for both the default, and High Velocity bullets. This should help differentiate the Type 11 more from the Bren and help to make its ranged performance stand out.

We’re also restoring the additional muzzle velocity adjustments for Sniper Rifles that did not make it into Update 6.0 released last month.

Published at Wed, 04 Mar 2020 22:43:00 +0000