Bayern Munich chief teases idea of Jurgen Klopp appointment – 'He spoke against Liverpool'

Bayern Munich chief teases idea of Jurgen Klopp appointment – 'He spoke against Liverpool'

Bayern Munich CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has hinted the club could try to entice Jurgen Klopp into taking the job this summer after the Liverpool boss “spoke heavily against his company”. Last night, Klopp spoke out on his club’s decision to join the European Super League, making it clear he was not involved in the process.

Managers of the Big Six have been forced to front the backlash while their greedy owners cower away after lining their pockets.

Klopp received praise from Gary Neville last night after making a stand against Liverpool, admitting he was not on board with the idea of joining the ESL.

“I don’t like this [Super League] either, but I don’t talk about the other clubs,” Klopp said last night, after the 1-1 draw with Leeds.

Back in 2019, Klopp made it clear he was totally against the idea, saying: “I hope this Super League will never happen. With the way the Champions League is now running, football has a great product, even with the Europa League.

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The Bundesliga champions have rejected the chance to join the European Super League, alongside Borussia Dortmund and RB Leipzig.

Ultimately, that could appeal to Klopp when considering his future at Anfield and Bayern chief Rummenigge has now hinted the German giants could try to bring Klopp back to his homeland in an interview with Italian outlet Corriere della Sera.

“We haven’t decided on the coach yet; first we win the championship and then we decide what to do,” he said.

Rummenigge then attempted to stir the pot, by claiming Klopp went against his owners FSG when issuing his reaction to the European Super League.

“Of course he [Klopp] spoke heavily against his company,” he added.

European Super League chairman Florentino Perez has since dismissed talk that Bayern rejected the proposal, claiming they were not invited.

But Rummenigge has made it clear his club are totally against the idea and what it stands for, in an admirable and refreshing statement.

“FC Bayern has not been involved in the plans for creating a Super League. We are convinced that the current structure in football guarantees a reliable foundation,” he said on Bayern’s website.

“FC Bayern welcomes the reforms of the Champions League because we believe they are the right step to take for the development of European football. The modified group stage will contribute to an increase in excitement and the emotional experience in the competition.”

“I do not believe the Super League will solve the financial problems of European clubs that have arisen as result of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Rather, all clubs in Europe should work in solidarity to ensure that the cost structure, especially players’ salaries and agents’ fees, are brought in line with revenues, to make all of European football more rational.”

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