BBC presenter breaks down in tears recalling ‘worst moment of my life’ after stroke

BBC presenter breaks down in tears recalling ‘worst moment of my life’ after stroke

Formula One presenter Jennie Gow recalled the horrific moment her husband found her on the bathroom floor after having a stroke.

Jennie, who has travelled around the world for her broadcasting gig in motorsport, revealed in January that the incident had left her unable to speak or write following a brain bleed.

In her first interview since the incident, Jennie recalled on The One Show on Monday how she developed a cough which soon turned into a viral infection, leading to her stroke.

During the BBC One film, Jennie’s husband Jamie tells her: “I was trying to call your name and get you to speak to me and I was just getting nothing back from you.”

Getting emotional, Jennie asked him: “Were you feeling scared?’ to which he replied: “It was the worst moment of my life.”

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Breaking down in tears, Jamie went on to explain how their six-year-old daughter Isobel helped him get Jennie as comfortable as possible and passed the phone to call an ambulance.

He continued: “She was very upset, but then she was an absolute superstar, she got some cushions for you to put under your head and then passed me my phone so I could call the ambulance.”

Jennie luckily was promptly treated at Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey and St Geroge’s Hospital in West London where she got the best care for her condition.

In the film, Jennie met Dr. Thomas Pain who explained that a tear in a blood vessel in her neck, which was caused by the coughing, resulted in a clot travelling up to her brain.

Discussing her recovery, Jennie explained: “It has taken months of therapy and I still feel numb down my right side.

“My sense of taste is gone and I get very tired but my voice is getting better.”

Jamie praised: “Your determinate and your drive for you, Isabel, me, and your career, I am hugely proud of what you have achieved.”

Ending the moving film, Jennie told the programme that she wanted to speak out to try and help other stroke survivors

Viewers of the show were touched by Jennie’s story, with @Elljayfish tweeting: “@JennieGow you’ve inspired my daughter for years, but wow, your battle to overcome a stroke at the same age as I am is truly awe-inspiring! #TheOneShow #sportsjournalist #F1 #strokesurvivor.”

Matt Gallagher penned: “What an incredible story Jennie. You are an absolute warrior for facing all of that, and to be brave enough to share this story with the world to try to help other people suffering is a great testament to your character. Keep fighting.”

Maurice Hamilton commented: “Jennie you’re a star! (But, then, we all knew that…) Keep the revs up!”

Sarah Rigby added: “Thank you @JennieGow for sharing your & your families story with us along with your ongoing journey to recovery following your stroke. You’re an amazing, very strong lady. I admire your sheer grit, determination & fighting spirit. Kind regards and best wishes to you & your family.”

@p_diversity said: “Ah Jennie, what a great piece- thanks for sharing so much of your journey- I hope it inspires other stroke survivors in their recovery.” (sic)

The One Show airs weekdays from 7pm on BBC One.

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