BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns of gale force winds battering UK ahead of new heatwave

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns of gale force winds battering UK ahead of new heatwave

Speaking to BBC Breakfast viewers, warned wet and gusty winds will continue to batter most of the country between today (Monday) and Thursday morning. But as the weekend approaches, Britons will be able to once again bask in sunshine and hot weather, with temperatures reaching up to 27C on Thursday afternoon and above those levels on Friday. She said: “Tomorrow we start off with rain across the north-east, still those gusty winds blowing the showers from the west getting over to the east. 

In between there will be some brighter conditions, particularly the further south we travel.

“Temperatures ranging between 14C to about 20C in the south.

“On Wednesday, the low pressure that has been producing all this rain pulls away.

“We will still have some residual cloud, still blustery across the far north east but we also have high pressure across the board on Wednesday.

“So things settling down, a lot more dry weather and a lot more sunshine.”

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She added: “But you can already see by the end of the day the next system coming in bringing some rain initially to Northern Ireland and that’s going to be moving across us into Wednesday night and Thursday.

“Pushing through Northern Ireland and into Wales, northern England and Scotland we thing for the moment.

“Further south, brighter conditions and you’ll start to notice temperatures rising by 27C.

“They could be higher on Friday.”

August will kick off to a blinding start as next Friday will see temperatures rise to the mid to highs 20s.

By 6pm on Friday, July 31, much of the UK has turned red as the weather maps show a band of hot weather sweeping across the country.

The band of red has become smaller, but those expecting the hot weather will see balmy temperatures of about 22C to 26C.

Elsewhere in the UK, temperatures will remain steady at about 19 to 20C, dropping to between 12 and 17C in some parts of Scotland.

Into Sunday, and the weather forecast looks much the same with heat continuing to swelter the south east.

Highs of 23 to 24C will be felt for London and the surrounding area, with maximum temperatures expected to stay around 19C and 20C for the rest of the country.

This will continue into Monday, August 3 and for much of the week, with Thursday’s temperatures expected to be about 23C by 6pm.

Published at Mon, 27 Jul 2020 06:46:00 +0000