‘Be aware’: Driver warning issued after car thefts – all vehicles ‘can be a target’

‘Be aware’: Driver warning issued after car thefts – all vehicles ‘can be a target’

Birkdale, near Liverpool, saw two car thefts in one night last week, with Merseyside Police sending a warning to drivers about the safety of their vehicles. Both cars had keyless entry and ignition, with the thieves stealing the car without the need of their fobs.

The police also advised drivers to follow guidelines to protect their cars from being stolen in the future.

They urged drivers to double check that the vehicle is locked every time they leave it, saying those with keyless entry can protect themselves further.

They wrote: “Get in the habit of clicking the lock on the fob TWICE to ‘deadlock’ the doors.

“Keep your keys out of sight once you have locked your vehicle.

There is an ongoing campaign to get SmartWater used at MOT garages across the country, in the hope that drivers will take further steps to protect their cars.

Road users will be offered the chance to have SmartWater liquid put somewhere on their car, usually the catalytic converter, to help identify parts in the event that the car is stolen.

The Police continued with their warning, saying: “Thieves hate two things; light and noise.

“So consider adding any measures that will light them up and draw attention to them.

“Remember, whatever the age or condition of your car, or motorcycle, it may still be a target for thieves.”

Deterrents like garage alarms and motion sensors for where the car is parked are another way drivers can protect themselves from having their vehicle stolen.

Published at Thu, 21 Oct 2021 11:31:23 +0000