Beatles quiz questions and answers: Test how much YOU know about Beatlemania

Beatles quiz questions and answers: Test how much YOU know about Beatlemania

The Beatles left an important mark on music history, despite disbanding in 1970 after a fairly short while together. The Fab Four are known for inspiring fans to be almost obsessive, while also creating some incredible music. Here is our ultimate Beatles quiz so you can test your knowledge.

The Beatles made a huge number of albums and released many songs.

Most of their singles struck gold and were top chart hitters, until their split in 1970.

After their split, they went on to do solo work, though this was to differing success.

Here is our ultimate quiz on the Fab Four.



1. What was the Beatles’ first single of 1962?

2. Which Beatles song holds the record for the most versions recorded by different artists?

3. Who gave the Beatles their name in April 1960?

4. Which pop artist designed the cover of the White Album?

5. Which was the group’s only single between 1963 and 1969 that failed to reach the top of the charts?

6. How many UK Number One hits did The Beatles have?

7. Which was the last album recorded by the Beatles?

8. What was the title of Beatles manager Brian Epstein’s autobiography?

9. Who was the only non-member of the Beatles to receive a performance credit on a record?

10. Who was the oldest Beatle?

11. What was the first single by a former Beatle to reach number one in the UK or US?

12. Which Beatle returned his MBE after receiving it with the group in 1965?

13. What was the name of Ringo Starr’s first solo album released in 1970?

14. What was the name of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s final album, released posthumously in 1984?

15. Which Indian sitar player did George Harrison strike up a friendship and collaboration with?

9. Billy Preston

10. Ringo Starr

11. George Harrison’s My Sweet Lord

12. John Lennon

13. Sentimental Journey

14. Milk and Honey

15. Ravi Shankar

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