Beats Powerbeats 4 review: wireless headphones sound great for the price

Beats Powerbeats 4 review: wireless headphones sound great for the price

If you’re looking to get outside and lose some weight after the last few months of lockdown, then some fitness-focused wireless headphones are a great way to make sure you stay motivated with music. There’s plenty of sweat-resistance earbuds on the market, but Beats continue to offer some of the best money can buy.

In fact, the Apple-owned firm’s Powerbeats Pro remain one of our favourites with a solid fit, booming audio, brilliant battery life, and clever charging case all adding to the appeal. Unfortunately, with a price of £229, these wireless ‘buds aren’t exactly cheap but there’s now something a bit more affordable from Beats.

The new Powerbeats 4 are the firm’s latest release and offer almost all of the same features found on their fully wireless siblings …but without that bank-busting price tag. You can take delivery of the Powerbeats 4 for £129 which is pretty good value considering what’s included. Even more enticing is that Amazon is actually selling these headphones for just £99 right now which is a real bargain.

Having tested them for the past few weeks, there’s loads to like, including a fit that won’t budge no matter how strenuous your workout and audio quality that’s packed with detail – yet booming with a bucket-load of bass.

The Powerbeats also include the unique hook which clips over the top of the ear for added stability. Not everyone likes this design as it is a little tricky to fit quickly but once the Powerbeats are in they are not coming out and that’s a huge bonus when thumping along on a 5K run.

Firstly, unlike the totally wireless Pro model, the standard Powerbeats do have a cord which goes around the back of your neck.

In some ways this is good as it means you can remove the buds from your ears without them dropping on the floor. However, some may find this wire a little irritating as it can rub when running, it’s also not as easy to pop them in the little carry case supplied with the earbuds as you you have to twist the wire up to make them fit.

The other annoyance is that the Powerbeats don’t automatically stop playing music when you take them out. If you’re accustomed to Apple AirPods, which stop playing music the minute you remove them from your ear, you’re going to be disappointed as there’s no such tech on the Powerbeats.

On one occasion we forget to switch them off manually and the next day found the battery was as flat as pancake – not ideal when you want to head out for the morning jog.

The final thing to note is there’s no noise cancellation on these music makers. This is an interesting downside as whilst some may find that annoying we actually don’t mind hearing a slight amount of background noise when running around the block as it does help you keep in touch with your surroundings. However, if you want a totally noise-free experience then the Powerbeats 4 won’t be for you.

Powerbeats 4 review: final verdict

If you’re after a solid pair of sports headphones you really can’t go wrong with the Powerbeats 4. They sound great, feature a fit that simply won’t budge once inside your ear and include that clever Apple chip for seamless switching between your iPhone, iPad and Mac.

There’s also an impressive 15 hours of playtime, simple controls and bass-heavy audio to help power you through your workout.

Admittedly the design won’t suit everyone, there’s no noise cancellation and the lack of auto-pause is an annoyance that always means there’s a chance you’ll forget they are on and you’ll be left powerless the next time you go to wear them.

The more expensive Powerbeats Pro continue to be a top choice but if you don’t want to pay over £200 for some earbuds then the Powebeats 4 offer a very tempting alternative.

Published at Mon, 15 Jun 2020 06:39:00 +0000