Best supplements for joint pain: A pill made from seeds to help relieve arthritis pain

Best supplements for joint pain: A pill made from seeds to help relieve arthritis pain

When suffering with joint pain from arthritis, many turn to painkillers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen. However, this often provides no relief for the pain issue. Experts recommend a certain to help ease chronic pain from poor joint health.

In another study published in the National Library of Health, an anti-inflammatory galactolipid from rose hip and how it inhibits chemotaxis of human peripheral blood neutrophils in vitro was investigated.

The study said: “The galactolipid isolated from dried and milled fruits of Rosa canina by bioassay-guided fractionation is an anti-inflammatory agent with inhibitory effects on chemotaxis of human peripheral blood neutrophils in vitro.

“The inhibition of cell migration is not related to toxicity.

“The presence of one in rose hips may explain the clinically observed anti-inflammatory properties of rose hip herbal remedies.” 

It has been estimated that chronic pain may affect up to half of the population.

A large proportion of these relate to joint health conditions, with back pain alone accounting for the single largest cause of disability in the UK, and one third of the population aged over 45 seeking treatment for osteoarthritis.

In fact, 17 million adults in the UK are affected by a joint or musculoskeletal condition, with nearly half of those dependent on paracetamol for the management of debilitating symptoms.

Following the draft guidance, set out by NICE which condemn the long-term use of analgesics, healthcare professionals and patients alike should be looking to alternative solutions for pain relief, such as clinically backed supplements to treat patients with chronic pain conditions.

Consultant Rheumatologist Dr Rod Hughes said: “Now the side effects of paracetamol are well documented it is imperative that we look at safer, long term alternatives for those living with joint pain.

“One such option could be the galactolipid GOPO, which has been shown in randomized, placebo controlled clinical trials to significantly reduce arthritis joint pain and reduce consumption of paracetamol by 40 percent. 

“In vitro studies have demonstrated GOPO has anti-inflammatory properties which have a protective effect on cartilage, potentially even helping cartilage and joint tissues to rebuild and regenerate. GOPO was found to have a positive safety profile and is able to be taken long term.”

GOPO® Joint Health is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory treatment with no known side-effects, proven to reduce joint pain and swelling, improving joint mobility and activity levels, and reducing the need for painkillers.

“GOPO is considered by many to be a safer and effective alternative to paracetamol and other prescription medications and should be a first-line treatment option for joint health patients.” 

Extensive scientific studies involving more than 400 patients with chronic pain conditions, such as osteoarthritis, have shown that GOPO – the active compound isolated from the rose-hip Rosa Canina – produces significant and consistent pain relief and improved joint function. 

In one study, eight out of 10 patients reported a significant reduction in pain after just three weeks of GOPO.

Published at Sun, 23 Aug 2020 03:01:00 +0000