Best supplements for men: Four essential supplements for the ageing man

Best supplements for men: Four essential supplements for the ageing man

The ageing process shows no mercy. It is a risk factor for a range of life-threatening complications, from cognitive decline to various cancers. While you cannot shield yourself against every threat that comes along, healthy lifestyle interventions can bolster your defences. There is no single panacea, of course, but supplements can supercharge your health in a variety of ways.

Speaking to, David Wiener, Training Specialist at Freeletic, an AI-driven fitness app, has outlined four essential supplements for men to take as they get older.


“Magnesium is a critical mineral to have included in your diet as it is required for a number of biochemical processes in your body such as energy production, blood pressure and bone development,” according to Mr Wiener.

As he explains, magnesium is also used in the transporting of calcium and potassium between cell membranes which is integral for the healthy functioning of nerves muscles and the heart.

What the evidence says: There are a surfeit of studies that demonstrate the heart-healthy benefits of magnesium.

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“However, omega-3 also supports healthy eyes, joints, bones and the skin, as well as helping you sleep better and having mood boosting effects.”

What the research says: Among its numerous benefits is its proven ability to improve conditions associated with metabolic syndrome – a cluster of contributions that contribute to heart disease.

Research shows that omega-3 fatty acids can improve insulin resistance, inflammation and heart disease risk factors in people with metabolic syndrome.

Saw Palmetto

According to Mr Wiener, saw Palmetto is a lesser known supplement that is a natural source of fatty acids and has a number of benefits for men, such as hair loss.

What the research says: The evidence clearly demonstrates the role vitamin D plays in bolstering the immune system.

A number of studies have found that taking vitamin D supplements at a dosage of up to 4,000 IU daily may reduce your risk of respiratory tract infections.

In one study in people with the chronic lung disorder COPD, only those who were severely deficient in vitamin D experienced a significant benefit after taking a high-dose supplement for one year.

Do not rely solely on supplements

As Mr Wiener notes, complete nutrition is important at any age, and that includes eating a diet focused on real foods, getting plenty of exercise, and taking any supplement to fill in your nutritional gaps.

“Every individual has their own needs, so while the below are recommended for men of a certain age, make sure that you do your research or even consult your doctor before taking any supplements,” he added.

Published at Thu, 23 Jul 2020 03:00:00 +0000