Biden accused of ‘crooked’ coverup as Twitter goes down amid Town Hall Hunter showdown

Biden accused of ‘crooked’ coverup as Twitter goes down amid Town Hall Hunter showdown

The Presidential candidate was branded “Crooked” after reports claimed his son accepted millions from Ukraine business firms. The hashtag CrookedBiden has been trending on social media since, with Twitter users savageing the Democrat nominee over reports claiming his son Hunter Biden accepted a $50,000 salary from Burisma, an energy company in Ukraine. Mr Biden has denied knowledge of his son’s business dealings, and also denied any conflicts of interest because of it. The trend “#CrookedJoeBiden” surged to the top last night ahead of the former Vice President’s appearance on ABC News’ Town Hall.

Following the Ukraine story from the New York Post, #CrookedJoeBiden trended on Twitter with users attacking the Democrat for the story.

One user, posting using the tag, said: “Why not answer the allegations and come clean.

“Time to come clean with the American People.”

Another added: “There is a criminal who wants to be president and could very well win if he and his co-conspirators steal the election. He’s as corrupt as you can get.”

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Political commentator Steven Crowder also noted that Twitter crashed shortly after #CrookedJoeBiden began trending.

He added: “Watergate was mere p*** droplets compared to the current corruption scandal surrounding not only Joe Biden, but the most powerful amongst the social media elite.”

Twitter said the cause of the outage was unknown at the time, but social media users alleged the company was covering up the Ukraine allegations.

After the Post first reported on the alleged links between the Democrat and Ukraine, Twitter and Facebook also prevented people from posting links to the story due to it containing “hacked materials” and was therefore “potentially unsafe”.

One user said: “That’s because Jack Dorsey is just as crooked as #CrookedJoeBiden.”

Published at Fri, 16 Oct 2020 01:09:09 +0000