Biden to issue ruthless Brexit ultimatum in first phone call with Boris – ‘Sign deal now!’

Biden to issue ruthless Brexit ultimatum in first phone call with Boris – ‘Sign deal now!’

US president-elect Joe Biden will hand Boris Johnson a ruthless ultimatum in their first phone call, according to Nigel Farage. Mr Farage said it was “becoming clear” that Joe Biden will warn Mr Johnson to back down on his Brexit demands, or risk serious tensions with the US. Mr Biden, who has Irish roots, has been vocal against Boris Johnson’s plans to override parts of the EU withdrawal agreement if no deal is reached with the bloc

Mr Farage told LBC that the election of Joe Biden is a “very very difficult result” for Boris Johnson and Brexit.

The leader of the Brexit Party told LBC: “For Brexit, and for Boris, this is a very, very difficult result.

“What is already becoming clear is that Biden’s first phone call with Boris is simply going to say, ‘Sign the right deal with Monsieur Barnier, or there is no prospect of a trade deal’.

“Boris finds himself in a difficult position.”

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He complained that the UK had “wasted four years” to do a trade deal with the US and a pro-British President.

The former MEP said: “Four years, in 2016, I was the first foreign visitor to meet president-elect Trump.

“They were all very excited that Trump and Brexit had happened at the same time. They wanted a trade deal as soon as possible and the Conservatives have wasted it.”

Mr Farage added: “I think the prospect of a trade deal with the US looks weak.”

He said: “I’m confident we will navigate all of those issues sensitively and correctly.

“We listen very carefully to the concerns of our American friends. Particularly on the Hill in the Irish lobby they feel very invested in the Good Friday agreement, we understand that.

“But it is not the UK that is putting it at risk, it is the EU.”

Leading Tories and diplomats are concerned that a no-deal outcome would cause early and serious rows between London and Washington and put the special relationship at risk.

Nicky Morgan, a member of the House of Lords, said last night: “I think the PM will not want the first conversation he has with Biden to be about Northern Ireland, Brexit and no deal.

“Getting a deal will make that conversation much easier.”

Published at Sun, 08 Nov 2020 14:15:00 +0000