Bill Turnbull details ‘hopes’ he’ll receive ‘overdue operation’ soon in rare health update

Bill Turnbull details ‘hopes’ he’ll receive ‘overdue operation’ soon in rare health update

Bill Turnbull presented BBC Breakfast from 2001-2016, where he became a household name for the huge number of viewers over the years. In March 2018, Bill announced he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer the previous November and had been fighting it ever since.

Bill has appeared on BBC Breakfast a number of times since his diagnosis to give updates to his colleagues and friends about his health and wellbeing.

This morning was another instance of this, as Bill spoke to Louise Minchin and John Kay about his life since the lockdown, due to coronavirus.

As he first arrived on the show, Louise asked him how he was, to which he responded: “Well I’m okay, Louise, lovely to speak to you.

“I managed to finish a course of treatment before the lockdown started – which was fairly successful – but once you’re finished of course the cancer comes back.

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“I will get it fairly shortly – I hope – but that’s the sort of thing that’s happening.”

Bill went on to detail the struggles of the charity, Prostate Cancer UK.

He explained: “More particularly: Prostate Cancer UK, their research program has slowed down because people haven’t been in the labs.

“And their funding has dropped off a cliff – like other charities – they’re in a moment now where they really need to build that back up.

“Where their research and new ways of treatment can be supported. So they desperately need more money.”

Bill also praised the work the charity has done and indeed professed how happy he was that he was making a difference.

Bill said: “I feel like I’ve given something back, so it has helped me.

“It has felt quite gratifying, but also sometimes some very sad moments.”

Published at Tue, 02 Jun 2020 08:04:00 +0000