Black Ops 4 update time: Grand Heist DLC release news and Call of Duty latest

Black Ops 4 update time: Grand Heist DLC release news and Call of Duty latest

Plenty is going on today if you’re a Black Ops 4 fan, including new DLC on PS4 and an update time to look forward to on Xbox One and PC.

As usual, new content is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC today, although some of it will launch first on the PlayStation platform.

This would be the new Grand Heist DLC, which is expected to be launched with a new update from Treyarch.

This will mean that while all platforms will receive an update today, only PS4 players will get everything on offer.

So fans can expect a split patch notes to be shared when the new Black Ops 4 update has gone live, explaining what is available on which platform.


Unfortunately, Treyarch has not announced an official release time for the big Black Ops 4 update today.

However, having seen the kind of schedule they have used in the past, it seems certain to drop sometime in the evening.

Fans are probably looking at a launch time between 6pm and 8pm in the UK, or around midday, EST.

There’s no guarantee that Treyarch won’t change things up for the release of the new COD update and the Grand Heist DLC, but it would certainly prove a surprise.

The good news is that Treyarch usually shares the official Black Ops 4 patch notes afterwards as well.

And it should be noted that there could be a longer wait for PC players, who usually see a different patch released, offering separate changes and tweaks.


As mentioned above, the Grand Heist DLC will be releasing first on PS4 today, followed by Xbox One and PC next week.

There’s a ton of changes confirmed for release today which should keep multiplayer, Zombies and Blackout fans busy for a good length of time.

A new specialist named Outrider will be making her debut today, along with a new mode called One in the Chamber, as well as two new Multiplayer maps for Black Ops Pass holders.

Meanwhile, Blackout is getting a new destination in Ghost Town, which includes two new large areas to explore and new playable structures throughout the map

Zombies mode is getting a new gauntlet called Death-Con Five, a new perk called Ethereal Razor, and additional Tier Skip for completing Daily Callings.

Here’s more from Treyarch, who have been teasing what is being launched today and what is being planned for the coming days and weeks:

“Drop into Ghost Town, a Western-themed destination in the southeast desert featuring two new locations inspired by fan-favourite maps. Above ground, saddle up for “Outlaw”, the Western-themed reimagining of Black Ops II’s classic “Standoff”.

“Then, journey deep into the interconnected caverns below to find “Buried”, an underground Zombies-inspired location with loot to die for and, of course, a new horde of hungry zombies.

“We’ve also added dozens of new supporting structures throughout the Blackout map, including additional buildings and entirely new locations to drop into for more looting options.

“These upgrades introduce a fresh layer of variety and strategy to Blackout, now with completely transformed areas to use to your advantage.

“New game modes are also set to debut during Operation Grand Heist, kicking off this Friday with Hot Pursuit, our newest respawn mode featuring three new vehicles, each with unique advantages: the SUV, Muscle Car, and PBR. Roll out in a Muscle Car to spot nearby Supply Stashes or Supply Drops, or put out an APB in one of the new police vehicles with built-in Sensor Darts and the ability to detect occupied Muscle Cars.”

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