Bling Empire season 2: Why was Paula Abdul in Netflix’s Bling Empire?

Bling Empire season 2: Why was Paula Abdul in Netflix’s Bling Empire?

Netflix reality series Bling Empire went down a storm when it first premiered on the streaming service last year. Following the lives of wildly wealthy Asian and Asian-Americans, Bling Empire sees the true extent of their lavish lifestyles as well as the ongoing gossip and explosive drama. The show was renewed for season two in March 2021, around two months after the first series made its debut.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Bling Empire.

Why was Paula Abdul in Netflix’s Bling Empire?

Bling Empire returned for season two on Netflix on Friday, May 13, with eight new episodes to revel in.

With the entire series released in one go, subscribers have started binge-watching the reality show to catch up on their favourite rich Asians.

This time around, there have been some famous faces mingling with the original cast, including the likes of fashion director Nicola Formachetti and actor Lewis Tan.

Unexpectedly, 1980s singer Paula Abdul also randomly popped up in the show, making many fans do a double-take.

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Known for singing hits such as Rush Rush, Opposites Attract, The Way That You Love Me and Cold Hearted.

She was also one of the original judges for the national singing competition American Idol alongside Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson.

Abdul has scarcely made any TV appearances in recent years so it came as a bit of shock to Bling Empire viewers when she walked hand-in-hand to a party with Anna Shay in episode three.

Going by their fellow party-goers reactions, they were also more than a little surprised.

Kane felt betrayed by his friend as he thought this would have been something that Chèrie would have shared.

As they were getting to the root of their problem, Abdul and Anna walked in.

Kim Lee commented: “I thought World War III was going to happen between Chèrie and Kane and then Paula Abdul walks in. I swear, only with this group.”

Her sudden appearance managed to calm the situation down but Kane later added that as a result, “nothing has been resolved”.

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