Boris Johnson could face TWO months off work after coronavirus intensive care battle

Boris Johnson could face TWO months off work after coronavirus intensive care battle

It is a worst case scenario, but experts are expecting that it will take between one to two months for Prime Minister Boris Johnson to fully recover from his battle against coronavirus. This would mean that Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab would be left to lead the country in Mr Johnson’s absence for the forseeable future.

The reason behind the PM’s extended recovery would stem from his “period of inactivity” inside intensive care that would see a loss of strength.

Tonight Mr Johnson is facing his third night in St Thomas hospital, as many well-wishers have prayed for his recovery.

Those who have already won their battle with the virus, have said that the Prime Minister will need “weeks” of bed rest to get over the physically draining effects of COVID-19.

Many survivors have labelled their road to recovery from coronavirus as a “horrendous” experience.

While Mr Johnson remains in the ICU, Mr Raab is taking his role extremely seriously.

The foreign secretary said he was confident that his “boss and friend” would make it through, as he labelled the PM as “fighter.”

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“I would expect most people who were that ill, to need at least a month or possibly two to be sufficiently back and to be able to function.”

Another expert, Professor Mike Grocott told the Mail: “On average a person who spends a while in intensive care on oxygen therapy alone, but basically immobile, would have a decrease in physical function for a period of time, that was likely to extend into weeks.

“A period of inactivity will have an effect on physical function, typically characterised by a loss in muscle mass and strength. “

“It depends on how bad the duration and magnitude of illness was and it also depends on the quality and amount of time invested in rehabilitation.

“We underestimate the value of just getting up and walking around and activity in normal life.”

A patient who recently overcame the virus spoke to Good Morning Britain about what Boris Johnson can expect after he leaves St Thomas.

Matt Dockray, 39 from Marlow said: “There’s still a long road of recovery, it takes about six to eight weeks, but you can sit here and tell the tale and fight this.”

Speaking out on his own experience as he fought COVID-19, Mr Dockray said: “There was a point where you sort of started to lose hope and thought that was it because you’ve seen this on the TV, you’ve seen the pictures of Italy.

‘In my head that was the time to say ‘You’ve just got to fight as much as you can’.”

Published at Tue, 07 Apr 2020 22:51:00 +0000