Boris Johnson health update: Fears ‘out of breath’ PM could have lasting lung damage

Boris Johnson health update: Fears ‘out of breath’ PM could have lasting lung damage

Boris Johnson sparked alarm during his first Downing Street press conference on Thursday since his recovery from coronavirus. During his appearance, he confirmed that Britain had passed the first peak of the pandemic – but his out of breath appearance stoked concern among viewers. Viewers were left concerned about the health of the Prime Minister, with one NHS GP Dr Ellie Cannon tweeting: “He’s nervous or still breathless – breathing a lot!”

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Jeremy Vine raised the fear that Mr Johnson could have suffered extensive scarring to his lungs from his battle with the virus.

Vine told viewers this morning: “People did point out that he was not so much weary but out of breath.

“He might have been out of breath because he had just got to his podium.

“But then, of course, there may be scarring in the lungs sometimes after this virus.”

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Dr Sarah Jarvis added: “Under normal circumstances, you would not expect somebody who’s walked ten steps to be out of breath.

“But you might expect someone who has just been out of ICU even if only for a couple of days.”

One of the leading coronavirus specialists, Dr Panagis Galiatsatos from Johns Hopkins Medical Centre has spoken out about the damage of the virus on lungs.

He said: “Recovery from lung damage takes time. There’s the initial injury to the lungs, followed by scarring.

He left hospital just over two weeks ago but he only just returned to No10 on Sunday evening.

Following his appearance on Thursday, Piers Morgan tweeted: “Boris sounds worryingly breathless.”

Radio presenter James O’Brien suggested the Prime Minister needed to take more time off, tweeting: “He’s breathless and he’s not making sense. It’s awful.

“If he needs to go back to bed, he really should. Nobody sensible would object.”

Published at Fri, 01 May 2020 10:43:00 +0000