Boris Johnson is least popular leader in the WORLD according to poll

Boris Johnson is least popular leader in the WORLD according to poll

A YouGov study has found that Britons rate Boris Johnson’s handling of the crisis even lower than Americans rate Donald Trump. More than 40,000 people have died in the UK due to the virus, while the US more than doubles the figure at over 110,000 coronavirus-related deaths.

Some 41 percent of Britons find the UK government’s response to the pandemic is appropriate.

A further 56 percent say that it is handling badly enough to give a net score of -15, down from -6 the previous week.

Alongside Mexico, this is the lowest rating with Trump’s administration below on -12.

Taiwan (+87), Australia (+76) and Denmark (+73) hold the highest ratings.

YouGov’s Matthew Smith said: “This means that domestically the British government are seen by the population to be handling the crisis less well than Americans think of their own government.”

Trump’s handling of the pandemic currently has a net rating of -12, down from -7 the week before.

The poll shows 41 percent of Americans saying the government is dealing well with the situation, while to 53 percent say it is handling the crisis poorly.

The UK added today 55 more coronavirus deaths to the total tally, in its lowest daily toll since before lockdown.

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Health Secretary Matt Hancock said at Monday’s Downing Street press briefing that thanks to the virus being “in retreat” the Government could go ahead with its strategy to lift lockdown restrictions.

Some of the proposed measures include the reopening of non-essential shops from June 15.

He added that the number of deaths, reported confirmed cases and an almost 50 percent drop in the number of new care home outbreaks were “good news”.

“When you look across the board, it is clear that coronavirus is in retreat across the country,” Mr Hancock said.

“But we must be vigilant and we must be cautious, and we are taking a safety-first approach.

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