Boris Johnson lockdown update: When is Boris Johnson next giving speech on lockdown?

Boris Johnson lockdown update: When is Boris Johnson next giving speech on lockdown?

Boris Johnson announced he is “feeling the weight of responsibility acutely” amid the coronavirus pandemic, but he was absent from today’s briefing. Government advisers Sir Patrick and Professor Whitty outlined that the UK could see up to 50,000 cases by mid-October if the rate of new coronavirus cases continues to rise at current rates. But when will the Prime Minister next speech to the nation about the ongoing coronavirus crisis?

Britain could see up to 50,000 new coronavirus cases each day if the current infection rate does not slow according to Sir Patrick speaking from the coronavirus briefing on Monday.

He added this could also equate to 200 new deaths each day.

Sir Patrick told the nation new COVID-19 cases are doubling roughly every seven days.

He said: “The challenge therefore is to make sure the doubling time does not stay at seven days.”

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Mr Johnson is expected to address the nation about plans for a “winter lockdown” this week according to reports.

Speculation suggests Mr Johnson will address the nation in a televised conference this week, but this has not been confirmed.

It is believed that the PM will issue tougher lockdown restrictions for Britons through the rest of 2020 as cases continue to rise.

Experts believe the new rules could involve a ban of separate households mixing, a reduction in operating hours of pubs, restaurants and other venues.

In addition, penalities will likely be made stricter for those who flout them.

National lockdowm measures would be a huge change for the PM who wanted to target surges with localised lockdown restrictions.

However, across the UK there are now more than 13.5 million people under some type of restriction.

Government sources today revealed England is in the “last-chance saloon” as ministers debate whether pubs will be able to open fully or on restricted hours this weekend.

Final decisions have yet to be made and therefore it is unlikely Mr Johnson will address the nation until later this week once the cabinet has agreed its plan.

Published at Mon, 21 Sep 2020 10:26:00 +0000