Boris Johnson pays tribute to NHS from hospital bed as he thanks carers looking after him

Boris Johnson pays tribute to NHS from hospital bed as he thanks carers looking after him

The Prime Minister was admitted to hospital on Sunday night after suffering from COVID-19 for more than a week. He was then moved to intensive care as a precaution on Monday evening after he struggled breathing difficulties and required oxygen.

Following four days of close inspection, Mr Johnson was once again moved to a regular ward last night, and he made a small gesture of thanks to those looking after him as he was moved.

The Prime Minister’s spokesman said this afternoon: “As the Prime Minister was being taken back to the ward from the intensive care unit, he was waving to the staff and hopefully it was clear to the staff that he was waving his gratitude.”

Last night the Conservative leader’s fiancee also said thank you the NHS, sharing a fitting picture on Twitter just hours after Mr Johnson was moved from intensive care.

As the rest of the country gathered to cheer on key workers with the weekly 8pm Clap for Carers tradition last night, Miss Symonds shared a hand painting of a rainbow on her Twitter account.

Up and down the country, windows in houses have become filled with pictures of rainbows as a sign of thank you for NHS staff.

Miss Symonds, who has been suffering with coronavirus herself while pregnant with her first child, has been largely quiet on social media since Mr Johnson was admitted to hospital.

Yesterday Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab gave an update on the Prime Minister’s health in No10’s daily 5pm coronavirus press briefing.

Mr Raab, who is deputising for Mr Johnson while the Prime Minister recovers from the virus, said his boss “continues to make positive steps forward, and he is in good spirits”.

His comments were made just hours before Mr Johnson was moved out of intensive care.

While the UK leader is now on the road to recovery from his fight with the virus, he is not expected to return to work any time soon.

His stand-in confirmed in yesterday’s briefing that the Cabinet would continue to work collectively without the Prime Minister for as long as necessary.

He said: “I think it’s important, particularly while he’s in intensive care, to let him focus on the recovery.

“We in the Government have this covered.”

Following his diagnosis with COVID-19 more than two weeks ago, Mr Johnson refused to stop working and continued to lead the Government from isolation in the flat above No11 Downing Street.

He even made an appearance at the front door of the residence last Thursday night to join the nation in clapping NHS heroes.

Pale and looking tired, it was then it first became clear to those looking on that the Prime Minister was still struggling to shake off the virus, one week after being infected.

Only once he was admitted to hospital did Mr Johnson finally agree to take a break from his official duties.

His spokesman said: “The PM is not working. We are very clear on that. He has asked the First Secretary of State (Dominid Raab) to deputise for him.

“The First Secretary of State will lead any cabinet decision-making process.”

Published at Fri, 10 Apr 2020 12:12:00 +0000