Boris Johnson sparks social media frenzy after appearing to wear same socks for three days

Boris Johnson sparks social media frenzy after appearing to wear same socks for three days

Mr Johnson has spent the past days speaking to journalists and taking part in hustings across the country in his bid to emerge victorious from the Tory leadership contest. But the interest of some eagle-eyed viewers was drawn more to the former Foreign Secretary’s outfits than Mr Johnson’s words and pledges. In fact, many pointed out the Brexiteer appears to have worn the same pair of socks in the past days, arguing that either the MP has bought the item in “multipacks” or he could not find a clean pair of socks in between his campaign commitments.  

The socks’ peculiar gold and black design seem to be that of a £5.99 pair from the British Museum showing King Ashurbanipal.

Mr Johnson was first spotted wearing them during the first hustings of this race on Saturday – when one sock even looked worn inside out.

On Monday, Mr Johnson wore once again the same style during an interview with BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg.

And on Tuesday, as he sat with a leg up on one knee, viewers could see Mr Johnson was wearing once again the same – or very similar – pattern on his socks during an interview to talkRADIO’s Ross Kempsall.

Among those who took to Twitter to comment on Mr Johnson’s choice of socks, there was John Stevens, the Daily Mail’s deputy political editor.

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He wrote: “Has Boris Johnson only got one pair of socks?

“Pictured at the hustings on Saturday and during today’s @talkRADIO interview with the same pair of socks on… both times with one inside out.”

His comment sparked a lively discussion, with some arguing Mr Johnson may simply be owning similar socks and others shrugging off the issue.

One wrote: “I don’t like Boris, but multipacks do actually exist in this universe.”

Another confessed: “I have 5+ pairs of the same socks.  

“Are you one of those that has ‘Monday’ socks and can only ever wear them on Monday?”

And a third said: “Maybe he does what I do, buy multiples of an item you like because you might not get the opportunity again.”

But others stated they have no interest in what the Tory leadership campaign finalist is wearing.

One said: “Maybe they come in packs of 5 or more.

“What have his socks got to do with anything.

“Doesn’t matter so why mention it.  

“Can’t find anything new to bash @BorisJohnson about.”

And another said: “All my hubby’s socks are identical. It makes for quick pairing up after washing.

“Shows a practical mind – too busy politicking to waste time pairing socks. Good on you Boris.”

These enquiries regarding Mr Johnson’s socks brought one of his aides to intervene and draw an unofficial statement about them.

The unnamed aide insisted each time Mr Johnson has been seen wearing them, they have been different pairs, as he owns “multiple pairs of similar patterned socks”, The Sun wrote.

Published at Wed, 26 Jun 2019 21:28:00 +0000