Boris Johnson’s Brexit Christmas gift for Jeremy Corbyn sends audience into hysterics

Boris Johnson’s Brexit Christmas gift for Jeremy Corbyn sends audience into hysterics

was asked what he would gift the Opposition leader as members of the audience urged both political leaders to bring back “kindness” and respect to the British political scene. While the Prime Minister and were asked to momentarily steer away from politics for their last response, Mr Johnson had the audience and ITV Leaders’ Debate moderator Julie Etchingham grinning with his response. The Conservative leader said: “I would probably leave a copy of – since he made a literary effort – my brilliant Brexit deal which allows us to come out.

“Maybe by next year, we will be able to see his own Brexit deal.”

The ITV host did point out to Mr Johnson he was asked for a non-political response while smiling at the cheeky answer, which prompted the Prime Minister to present his second Idea for a present.

He added: “Mr Corbyn shares my love of plants and trees, so maybe some damson jam.”

The Labour leader used his literary-inspired response to take a final pop at the Conservative leader, saying: “I know Mr Johnson likes a good read so what I would probably leave under the tree for him would be A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

“And he could understand how nasty Scrooge was.”

The pair repeatedly traded blows on several key issues, taking digs at each other’s plans for Brexit and the NHS.

The Prime Minister once again refuted accusations from the Labour leader claiming a Conservative Government would agree to “put the NHS at risk” as part of negotiations for a new trade deal with the US after Brexit.

Mr Johnson dismissed the claims as “an absolute invention,” adding: “Under no circumstances will this Government put the NHS on the table – our NHS is not for sale.”

Published at Tue, 19 Nov 2019 21:31:00 +0000