Boris Johnson’s sister admits she’s ‘worried’ for PM after Dominic Cummings crisis

Boris Johnson’s sister admits she’s ‘worried’ for PM after Dominic Cummings crisis

At the weekend, it was reported Dominic Cummings had driven 260 miles from London to County Durham with his wife and child to his parents house as he feared he wouldn’t be able to care for his child due to Covid-19. There have been calls for the Prime Minister’s aide to step down or be sacked for breaching lockdown rules however both Mr Cummings and Mr Johnson have confirmed he will remain in government. Speaking on Good Morning Britain today, Boris’s sister Rachel revealed she is “worried” about him as he makes huge decisions.

When asked how her brother was coping running the country during the pandemic, Rachel remarked: “I know you are probably going to ask about Dominic Cummings.

“I think this is why it has been problematic because he’s been the architect of so many of the winning messages, the Vote Leave campaign, for the Tory party in 2019, and therefore his approach to this has now been seen as in some way hypocritical.

“You know, he’s been a real rule maker not a rule taker, which is essentially very problematic.

“Obviously, everything is bigger than Dominic Cummings, the pandemic is bigger than Dominic Cummings.

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“As my brother said, nobody has his unconditional support.

“I mean, I think if I had been Cummings I would have admitted I had messed up and I’d have got on the front foot and said ‘I apologise to all of those who followed my messages.

“I took bad decisions at the time and I understand how angry it has made a whole country feel and please let’s move on because we have bigger fish to fry.’”

“Do you worry about how it’s damaged your brother because we look at the poll ratings, his approval ratings have gone down as a consequence,” asked Charlotte.

Rachel’s comments came after Shadow Foreign Secretary, Lisa Nandy, was slammed by fans for defending Labour MP Stephen Pinnock for breaking lockdown while insisting Dominic Cummings should apologise.

Host Ben asked: “Dominic Cummings was saying he sat down, he’s given answers to all of the questions.

“What would you say to people who suggest there has been Labour MPs who have done similar things. Stephen Kinnock, of course, we know he travelled a long way to see his parents right at the start of this.”

The Labour MP replied: “I think that’s right. There can’t be one rule for one political party, one set of advisors, one rule for everybody else.

Published at Wed, 27 May 2020 08:26:00 +0000