Boris receives brutal backlash from Piers Morgan after security team warn, ‘stay away!’

Boris receives brutal backlash from Piers Morgan after security team warn, ‘stay away!’

The bizarre request was met with astonishment by Piers who ridiculed the Prime Minister on social media after the revelation. Mr Johnson’s officers demanded to know where Piers’ dressing room was while the Prime Minister was preparing for his interview with the nation’s sweethearts Holly Willoughby and Philip Scofield in December, according to The Sun.

The revelation comes after Mr Johnson allegedly dodged interviews with Good Morning Britain during the election campaign.

He even ducked into a fridge to hide from the cameras.

A source told The Sun: “Piers has form for making guests squirm and making them say things they later come to rue.

“Boris has repeatedly refused to appear on GMB despite numerous requests from researchers, bookers and even Piers himself.

“So when police checked out the studios to ensure they were safe, nervous Boris’s team wanted reassurance that Piers wouldn’t pounce on Boris behind the scenes or put him on the spot again live on air. He was terrified.”

However, Piers has since ridiculed the Prime Minister for the move, even going as far as taunting Mr Johnson in his latest post.

He said on Twitter: “SERIOUSLY, ⁦@BorisJohnson⁩?

“What are you scared of exactly? I’d have thought you have bigger things to worry about..”


Recently, Mr Johnson and his long-term girlfriend Carrie Symonds announced that they would be getting married after also announcing Ms Symonds was pregnant.

Boris Johnson and Ms Symonds have said they are “very pleased” and revealed their first-born is due to arrive in the early summer.

The couple are yet to announce a date for the wedding.

A spokesman for the couple said: “The Prime Minister and Ms Symonds are very pleased to announce their engagement and that they are expecting a baby in the early summer.”

Ms Symonds, 31, is the first ever unmarried partner of a Prime Minister to live in 10 Downing Street.

The couple have been living inside Number 10 since Mr Johnson won the race to succeed Theresa May in July.

A number 10 source said: “Boris and Carrie are both delighted at this news.

“They have both known for a while but have kept it under wraps until the pregnancy progressed.

“It partly explains why he has been lying low recently – although he works flat out and that won’t change.

“Carrie is thrilled and she will also continue to work on her environmental projects.”

Published at Mon, 09 Mar 2020 01:28:00 +0000