Boris under pressure – 55% of readers believe lockdown measures need to be tightened

Boris under pressure – 55% of readers believe lockdown measures need to be tightened

The measures were put in place as the coronavirus began to spread across the country. On Friday, Health Secretary Matt Hancock warned the public to adhere to social distancing measures this weekend. With that in mind, asked our readers, ‘Should the lockdown be tightened to further restrict people leaving homes?’

In response, 2,196 out of 3,937 (55 percent) said there should be further restrictions on people leaving their homes.

In contrast, 1,663 (42 percent) said they did not believe tighter restrictions should be enforced while just 78 said they did not know.

Commenting on the poll, one person said: “Protect the NHS protect our loved ones, we can never be too cautious.”

Another said: “Follow Italy close all borders, only one person per family allowed to go out shopping and you can only exercise within a 200 m radius of your home.”


A third said: “The current rules are fine but idiots are not sticking to them.

“Give the authorities more powers to enforce it.”

However, some readers believed the lockdown measures had gone far enough already.

One person wrote: “No, enough freedom has been taken away and frankly, until they close down the airports, docks and travel in and out of the UK, except for commercial reasons, its a nonsense.”

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Speaking at the No 10 briefing, he warned the measures cannot be relaxed or more people will continue to die.

Referencing the deaths of two nurses, Ruth May, England’s chief nursing officer, urged the public to remain indoors during the briefing.

The two nurses, Areema Nasreen and Aimee O’Rourke, were both in theirs 30 after dying from COVID-19.

Ms May added: “This weekend is going to be very warm and it will be very tempting to go out and enjoy those summer rays.

“But please, I ask to remember Aimee and Areema.

“Please stay at home for them.”

The Government has come under severe pressure to upscale its testing for frontline NHS workers.

As of 9am on April, there had been 163,194 people tested for COVID-19.

In order to try and combat the contagion, Mr Hancock has insisted the UK must aim to hit 100,000 tests a day by the end of the month.

The poll was published at 10.27am. 

Published at Thu, 02 Apr 2020 23:01:00 +0000