‘Breaking my heart’ Gogglebox cast in tears over The Repair Shop’s ‘saddest’ story

‘Breaking my heart’ Gogglebox cast in tears over The Repair Shop’s ‘saddest’ story

Gogglebox fans were moved after seeing how the cast of the popular Channel 4 show reacted to an emotional clip that aired in the most recent episode. Fan favourites Pete Sandiford and his sister Sophie were seen teary-eyed as Jay Blades and his The Repair Shop team worked on restoring a family heirloom that had a huge historical significance.

The item that triggered the cast of Gogglebox was a Jewish prayer book that had survived time in a concentration camp.

Guest Gary Fisher retold the story of his grandparents and how they were captured during World War II and used the prayer book to find hope in one of the darkest times in history.

On seeing the book restored to its former glory, Gary and the cast of Gogglebox broke down into tears.

But it was when The Repair Shop expert Chris Shaw, while holding back tears, said: “It is the most important book I will ever repair.”

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Spectators of the Channel 4 reality show took to social media to share how the clip moved them.

Fan @BeardedGenius said: “Aw, mate. Filling up at the Jewish prayer book being fixed on Repair Shop, featured on Gogglebox. Gonna have to watch the episode.”

@MrsNickyClark commented: “Beautiful reaction to The Repair Shop on #Gogglebox Everyone crying here too.”

“No words for that bloke during the repair shop segment. Heartbreaking man. #Gogglebox,” PJ_Walker88 said. 

Reacting similarly to the Gogglebox cast, onlooker @Robert374374141 described: “What is it with The Repair Shop that gets you every time.

“That prayer book on Gogglebox is the most moving thing this year I appear to have something in my eye AGAIN. #Gogglebox #Repairshop @jayblades_.” (sic)

@GraemeK73 stated: “I’m just in from work & watching the segment on ‘The Repair Shop’ on @C4Gogglebox.

“The repair to the Jewish Prayer book & that amazing poem – this has broken me.”  

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Published at Sat, 21 May 2022 09:11:00 +0000