Brexit analysis: Vote Leave insider picks out huge EU weakness that’s UK’s biggest asset

Brexit analysis: Vote Leave insider picks out huge EU weakness that’s UK’s biggest asset

Brexit talks with the EU could collapse in June unless Brussels abandons its demands for a common fisheries policy and a level playing field, a source close to the UK’s negotiating team has claimed. The source told The Guardian that only “limited progress in bridging the gaps between us” had been made at last week’s talks, but there was “confidence that progress could be made quite quickly”. He added that he was “quite positive” over the chances of a trade deal before the end of the year, when the UK’s transition period ends.

However, the EU appears to be determined to keep its hardline stance, and according to former Ukip MP and Vote Leave insider Douglas Carswell, this should not come as a surprise.

In an exclusive interview with, the prominent Brexiteer claimed that for the last two decades, Brussels has failed to give Britain anything substantial.

However, he argued that this stubbornness has actually been “the greatest Brexit ally”.

He said: “Over the past 20 years, I have noticed the same pattern repeating itself on the EU side.

“They constantly failed to make the concessions that they ought to have made in a timely manner.

“And as a result they encourage an ever more distant relationship.

“They were intransigent on the Irish backstop.

“They administered to Theresa May the equivalent of a punishment beating.

“What did that do?

“It ensured a Brexit majority, a Boris Johnson government with a massive House of Commons majority and a clear mandate for complete separation.

“They failed to give David Cameron when he was negotiating any credible concession that might have allowed him to convince the public to vote Remain in the referendum.

“In the late Noughties, Tony Blair asked the EU for a more flexible agenda on the Lisbon Treaty.

The prominent Brexiteer also argued that there is no way Britain will cave in to EU demands this time.

He explained: “What is extraordinary is that the European side genuinely seems to think that what they are negotiating here is the degree of UK regulatory alignment or degree of access the EU will have to UK waters.

“It is not.

“There is zero chance whatsoever that there will be an agreement that allows the EU concessions on those things.

“None whatsoever.

“What is really at stake here, even though the European side is too stupid to understand this, is the question of whether or not in five years time the UK will be a geopolitical ally of the European Union.”

Published at Mon, 04 May 2020 13:25:00 +0000