Brexit betrayal: Philip Hammond vows to stop no deal Brexit and remove Johnson’s Tory whip

Brexit betrayal: Philip Hammond vows to stop no deal Brexit and remove Johnson’s Tory whip

The Chancellor of Exchequer told the Prime Minister she needed to “suspend the whip in a bid to stop Boris Johnson from proroguing Parliament” in the event of him becoming the nation’s new leader, according to The Times. Reports from the newspaper claim Mr Hammond, who is widely expected to be axed from the Cabinet in the event of Mr Johnson taking over, could be “a nightmare” on the backbenches. Mr Johnson has been vocal in supporting a no deal Brexit, should no renegotiation on the current deal be made before October 31.

The former Mayor of London is odds on favourite to become the next Conservative leader, ahead of rival Jeremy Hunt in some polls.

Mrs May has put out a number of projects she wishes to push through as Prime Minister before she officially stands down on July 23.

These include a plan to tackle climate change.

If she is successful in securing the scheme, the Government would become the first G7 member to commit to net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

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Mr Hammond, it appears, would now support these types of movements, but on the promise he and fellow MPs would be able to block a no deal Brexit.

The development comes amid concerns Mr Johnson could prorogue Parliament in order to get no deal over the line.

Mr Johnson promised the UK would leave the EU on October 31 “with or without a deal” if he was elected to the top post.

On Sunday, Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage outlined how Mr Johnson could still get no deal over the line.

Speaking on his LBC programme, Mr Farage said: “This is what he has to do.

“He has to go to the house of commons and say ‘we, as an institution, our two big political parties, we are now losing the support and confidence of the country, not just in us as people, not just in us as parties, but actually the entire democratic system is now open to question.’

“We have to deliver Brexit, there is no other way of doing it than leaving on 31st October. I did give notice in Brussels that we are leaving on that date on WTO terms. I’ve told them we absolutely mean it.’

“‘I told them I’m coming to the House of Commons to ask for a majority on it and that, once that is done, it is common interests for the both of us to apply to the World Trade Organisation to act as an honest, willing broker, to use Article 24 of the GATT Treaty, to smooth the way and give us a couple of years to smooth everything out.'”

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