Brexit LIVE: At LAST they get it! Arch-Remainers ABANDON plans to stop Brexit

Brexit LIVE: At LAST they get it! Arch-Remainers ABANDON plans to stop Brexit

Sir Ed accepted the Lib Dems “can’t stop Brexit now” but would continue to oppose Britain’s departure from the EU and insisted: “We believe that history will prove us right.”  He admitted many voters failed to understand Lib Dem Brexit policy, which stated that if it won a majority it would revoke Article 50, but would continue to support a second referendum if it did not.

He said: “One of the issues may well have been how it was presented, because in all realistic scenarios we were a People’s Vote party.

“The revoke position was actually much more marginal than I think people were hearing.

“So we do need to look at it. But I think there were other issues that were playing badly on the doorsteps.”

The Lib Dems ended up with 10 fewer MPs after election night, losing high-profile names including leader Jo Swinson and the party’s EU spokesman Tom Brake.

Every MP who joined party after jumping ship from Labour and the Conservatives over Brexit also lost their seats.

Sir Ed, favourite to replace Ms Swinson as leader, said the party must “ensure it is not seen as a one-message-only party” after relying too heavily on its anti-Brexit platform.


9am update: Boris Johnson to set out Brexit plans in Queen’s Speech

Boris Johnson will set out how he plans to honour his election pledges to get Brexit done in today’s Queen’s Speech.

The Prime Minister, who won over many traditional supporters of the main opposition Labour Party in northern and central England, has proclaimed he will lead a “people’s government” and will move to fulfil his pledge to “get Brexit done”.

The Queen’s Speech will include new legislation needed to implement the future relationship Johnson has promised to agree with the EU by the end of 2020. He plans to pass the laws needed to finalise the divorce agreement by January 31.

8.32am update: Hogan warns no deal Brexit would ”rub salt” into the wounds

Boris sent Brexit warning from EU’s new trade chief

EU trade commissioner Phil Hogan has warned a no deal Brexit would ”rub salt” into the wounds of a divided UK.

Mr Hogan will be the EU’s chief trade negotiator when talks with Britain to strike a deal kick off in February.

His comments come as Boris Johnson is set to introduce laws blocking any extension to the Brexit transition period beyond 2020.

Mr Hogan said a good Brexit deal could unify Britain but warned no deal could “rub salt” into the UK’s wounds of division.

8.08am update: Varadkar describes Boris as a “bit eccentric”

Leo Varadkar has described Boris Johnson as a bit eccentric but insisted he is not a “little Englander”.

The Irish premier said he felt it was “probably a good thing” that his UK counterpart was not a standard politician.

He told Virgin Media One TV: “He is the guy that you see, he’s bright, he’s witty, very personable, but he is a bit eccentric as well.

“He’s not the standard politician but that’s probably a good thing on balance.”

The Taoiseach was asked whether he believed Mr Johnson was actually a Europhile at heart, and not a Eurosceptic.

He said: “That’s not under our control. My job as Taoiseach is to make sure we navigate Ireland through this new situation and that we stay at the heart of Europe but also that we have a good relationship with our nearest neighbour, because that’s crucial for economic reasons but also because of Northern Ireland.”

7.30am update: “Stop Brexit Man” hangs up his megaphone

Brexit protestor Steve Bray has hung up his megaphone after 847 days of screaming anti-Brexit slogans during live news broadcasts

The 50-year-old “Stop Brexit Man” has decided to bring an end to his daily protests outside Parliament following Boris Johnson’s election win.

The campaigner, who wears a Union Jack cape and an EU top hat, became a familiar sight on Westminster’s College Green, where television news crews film their reports.

Mr Bray, from Port Talbot, Wales, has been stationed outside the House of Commons since September 5 2017.

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