Brexit Party SURGE: New data shows SHOCK demise of Tory Party on ITV Peston

Brexit Party SURGE: New data shows SHOCK demise of Tory Party on ITV Peston

In the recent EU elections, Mr Farage’s party came in as the overwhelming winner with both the Tories and Labour being punished for failing to deliver Brexit. In data shown on ITV Peston, the Brexit Party surged ahead of all its major opposition with the Tories languishing behind the Scottish Nationalist Party, Plaid Cymru, the Liberal Democrats and Labour. The graph took the number of voters in the recent EU elections and compiled it into a first past the post system – which Britain uses for general elections – to show how many seats would have voted for Mr Farage’s party.

Staggeringly, the Brexit Party came out with 414 seats with the Liberal Democrats coming in second with 76.

Worryingly for the Tories, the data showed Theresa May’s party would’ve finished with just one vote.

Following the revelation of the data, newly declared Tory leadership candidate James Cleverly admitted his party “simply must deliver” Brexit.

Mr Cleverly also added: “Both major parties have got serious issues that we have to deal with.

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“The challenge that we have is to deliver Brexit.

“Until we do that, we can’t talk about anything else.”

With the UK now well past the original exit date of March 29, the Tories have been heavily punished for their inability to deliver on the referendum.

In the local elections last month, the Conservative Party was savaged, losing 1,269 seats across the UK.

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Following the UK’s failure to leave the EU and the Tories dwindling support, Mrs May was forced to announce her resignation last week.

Since her announcement, both Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab have emerged as the two leading candidates to become the Prime Minister.

Recently, however, Environment Secretary Michael Gove has emerged as a challenger following a series of slip-ups by Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt.

Mr Hunt has been criticised for flip-flopping on Brexit while he has also been attacked for calling on Mrs May to resign.

Published at Thu, 30 May 2019 05:25:00 +0000