Brexit WARNING: Boris Johnson tells Emmanuel Macron trade negotiations CANNOT drag on

Brexit WARNING: Boris Johnson tells Emmanuel Macron trade negotiations CANNOT drag on

French President Emmanuel Macron made his first foreign trip since the coronavirus lockdown to negotiate with Boris Johnson in further talks at Downing street.

It is believed Mr Macron has called on the Government to reconsider its 14-day quarantine system for new arrivals to Britain. 

The quarantine policy has received wide criticism from UK travel firms who believe the ruling will “deter foreign visitors from coming here.”

Following strict social distancing measures, Mr Macron also met with the Prince of Wales but during the conversation, the President seemed to forget the guidelines by reaching out to touch Prince Charles. 

Mr Macron’s visit was timed to align with the 80th anniversary of a BBC radio address from London by General Chares de Gaulle. 

Who’s powerful address urged his countryman and women to join the resistance against the Nazi occupation of France.

Paris had issued a warning to Downing street that the French President wouldn’t discuss the post-Brexit trade deal, instead the country has opted to leave negotiations to the European Commission.

It was revealed by a UK spokesperson that Mr Johnson was adamant he wanted the framework in place over the summer. 

The spokesperson said: “The Prime Minister welcomed the agreement to intensify talks in July and underlined that the UK does not believe it makes sense for there to be prolonged negotiations into the autumn,”

Johnson and Macron did agree that the “partnership between our countries will be crucial in overcoming the coronavirus pandemic.”

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The French President also chose to honour Churchill’s “determination, faith in victory, honour and pride.”

At the time when the UK were “the last European country able to carry on fighting.”

His visit was celebrated with a flypast by the Red arrows and their French equivalent, La Patrouille. 

Macron’s call for Britain to reverse their quarantine policy follows a letter sent by dozens of travel companies to the home secretary urging the Government to also revoke the policy.

The letter suggests the Government has been “woefully slow” to assist the travel industry in plans for a recovery. 

The letter also advised Downing Street to focus on reviving the economy. 

The letter, signed by more than 70 bosses, said: “The very last thing the travel industry needs is a mandatory quarantine imposed on all arrive passengers, which will deter foreign visitors from travelling abroad and, most likely, cause other countries to impose reciprocal quarantine requirements on British visitors, as France has already announced.”

“Many people urged the Government to impose quarantine regulations during the early phases of Covid-19. Instead, no action was taken and flights from infected countries were allowed to land, disgorging thousands of potentially affected passengers into the wider community. 

“Covid-19 is now under control and we commend the Government for its handling of what was an extraordinary and unprecedented situation.

“However, the economic cost of the Government’s action is yet to be seen, apart from the early indicators which paint a grim picture.”

Published at Fri, 19 Jun 2020 04:42:00 +0000